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Listening to art bell somewhere in time tonight, featuring coast to coast AM from March twenty first nineteen ninety seven. Back now to Laurie Laurie. I have struggled all my life to understand the. The life cycle what lies beyond this physical life that we have and. I've really I've spent a lot of my life in that quest to try and understand it are you certain in your own mind. You do understand. I think that I understand the teaching. I'm not certain that any of us probably will never understand it until we go through it ourselves. But I think it's a question at all. All right. Let me try this since I sort of buy into the idea of reincarnation, why do to what do you? Okay. What is the process then that removes one eventually from the cycle, if you can lay it out in layman's words, what kind of growth has to occur. Well, the way that I understand it. It's spiritual growth that we we learn to grow in in love and compassion. And. I think I think we're we're pretty low on the level there. But to learn to live with peace and respect for one another. All right. That's what I understand at least from the teachings that I've been given that. Okay. That sounds right. But you chuckled, and you said we're pretty far from that. I just have written a book myself after about thirteen years of doing this program Laurie. It's called the quickening. And in a very brief moment. I will explain to you. What I have observed just, you know, watching the news every day day in and day out socially economically, politically with respect to earth. Changes the weather that we're having right now. Oh, it's really time to change. Not only is it intense. But it's increasing at an exponential rate. It is and I'm not a prophet. I'm just a talk show host. But Laurie I know something's coming and it's not very far away because you are aware and observant individual not everyone is, you know, I don't I think it's it's undeniable truth that is, you know, happening right now. The hope he's have a prophecy. They say that that it is an honor to be alive at this time that not everyone, you know, can withstand what is coming over apps. In the spirit of today is a good day to die. Maybe in that spirit. I guess if we embraced the idea of reincarnation is a good day to to live live and die to be spiritually immortal to realize that we go beyond this existent. Yes. Yes. I guess we do. But I still wonder in what for. Yeah. I think we all do how could we not? How could we not? Okay. You're you're one who does know. What's coming? I guess, you know, the really important question is what what is coming. Well, the prophecy that we were shown, you know, getting back the story when when I saw the saw the map again, it's it's it's not going to be an easy time. The first event that the masters spoke about. Was meteorologist right. He was coming towards a planet. They referred. I I've come to understand now. From updated work with the master teachers taught there's two prophecies. They talk about the blue star, which we are experiencing right now. That's the one in our sky now. And and after after that comes the red star and the red star is the asteroid which is prophecy to hit somewhere as you know, and then Nevada desert. Yes. And after that is quite interesting. They talked about the seven days of light and the seven days of light are period after the impact of this asteroid may I stop you there. Ask a question to hit southern Nevada. If you had to pick a place in the US to hit with an asteroid other Nevada would be. Well, Nevada someplace would be probably a better place than most in terms of the relative sparsity of the population. Although we're beginning to grow Lori. Mhm quite quickly. Now, would you interpret that I hit to be a warning? I think it'd be beyond a warning. I think that by that time. I I mean, you've got to understand. If we even if just grazed by an asteroid that their impact is like a nuclear explosion. Do you know any of the details of I've learned a lot about asteroids, you know, movies? There's been a lot. Sure has so do, you know anything about the size of this asteroid? That is something I do not know. Okay. What I was shown in the prophecies is is where where it was prophesied to hit. They did say it was it's smaller smaller piece. I don't know, you know, how how far across in diameter or anything like that. But they did explain how this might give some explanation. They talked about the seven days of light. And they said that with that was as they showed it that small pieces of this asteroid meteor impact would hit the atmosphere of the earth. And then they fall randomly kind of across the whole planet makes sense. And that I would assume that art have to be fairly large to have that type of trail. I I don't I'm not a scientist reserve another. Thanks. Okay. That's easy. There's another way to ask about it. Then. You have seen the effects of this asteroid hit correct? Yes. And they went on to explain this the master teachers went on to explain that that after the impact of this asteroid on the earth's surface that it would. Throw off tectonic plates. And did that impact itself would be so jarring that it would it would totally upset the ring of fire because Nevada is close to the ring of fire, California. And and that would set off a multitude of explosion to the ring a fire, and that would send tremendous ash up into the air and imagine it'd be ash to from the impact of meteorologist right, and that that would bring temendous amount of rain to the planet ream commend us rain, and and that after we went through they said almost two years of rain that there would be a melting of the ice caps, which was off the equilibrium of deportation of the earth around its axis. And that that is what would start the devastating earthquakes that would think Cal. California's think stick north west. And also as we've learned would also stink other lands all across the globe. So it's not just one thing. It's sort of a combination of many things it's a series of events that they say that we must look for. All right. Everybody is going to ask about a time line. So we have an event in our skies. Now, the blue Cina, they call it a booster Katina. Does that mean anything then in terms of since we have an event that we can behold right now, I think it means a great deal just from my knowledge of of the Hopi prophecy and the knowledge of the prophecies that I have been working with it states. We are living in the times of changes now. And as a master teachers continuously stated as they were giving us material. They always said, we are going, you you you were in the now the time is now and that it's very important that we make careful choices. Now that we start thinking about, you know, how we're living and and careful choices today careful choices, but they're they're now an hour. Now may not be exactly the same now so accurately, right? I understand the timelines are difficult to call, and they are, and I I I've never of course, I always a to get into. Timelines because I think at one time we all felt well ninety two was going to be the year that we would see, you know, the tremendous changes, and then it's kinda backed up to ninety four kind of goes into two year periods and then ninety six, but when you're studying changes like this, and you begin to understand prophecy. And how prophecy works changes something that always starts from the inside out. And I I think that we were already experiencing as you have already commented we're already experiencing a lot of the prelude to the more catastrophic change, and I think that the us observing that and an awakening to that. And understanding that is part of how we can be part of a solution to not see this go so so severely catastrophic. But it is very true. I mean, look at the crime. Credit? Look at every aspect is remarkable. I mean, it's it's hard even to keep us spiritual loving, focus. You know, when you understand what is going on? I know that people like yourself like to be positive in nearly every aspect of what's going to occur. Another words. It will be in the end the thing the good thing. And it's it's a duty, you know, to to state that you just can't, you know, tell people doom and gloom and gives them. No hope but we also cannot be officers of their heads in the sand eater. And we have to look at this right up front right for what it is. And find the truth that it contained. It is a purification in a sense. This is a is a time of purification. It's a it's a time that that will make us better. Sure. If your your words seemed to echo so closely Hopi prophecy. Well, I I feel close to Hopi prophecy. Just because of my experience with. The master teachers. And and then of course, I've I've read Frank waters work and also Thomas nails work, and and the work of data Vima. Of course, their whole prophecies centers around the idea of a spiritual migration and emergent and. Their whole culture in essence is built around the idea of prophecy. I had let me tell you. I had Alan HALE halon about a week ago. I think co-discoverer of the comet and he is a scientist part bitten scientists. And he, you know, if you were to tell him what you think about this comet in our sky. Here's comment would be balderdash. We're talking about just simple science here. It's big old dirty snowball. We know how it was formed. We know we we think we know when it's got a forty two year forty two hundred year return rate, and it's just a comet the world's not going to end. It doesn't mean anything other than the fact that its orbit is bringing it by earth now. But of course, comets have a great history of important portending of change. Don't they? Oh, yes. And but I mean, get it all in perspective. I mean, our great great grandparents didn't understand, you know, expecting anything like microwaves televisions or the internet either. That's true. Out perspective. Really? But I mean, you look at this time that we're living in right now. And it is clear, you know, things have got to change change, you know, in a constructive way. And if we have to go through purification, or or destructive part of this in order for us to be better. I mean, I'm willing to do that. I think most people are. But the the prophecies. They are. They are frightening. There's there's no two ways about it. And and yet on the other hand, they hold at the end of them a promise of renewal renewal for humanity. But you know, the realistic pragmatic person says renewal and Phoenix from the ashes and all the rest of that. But. The reality of what's going to occur is going to mean that before that change happens. Millions and millions of people are going to die and a lot of people have a really or maybe even billions and a lot of people have a hard time getting past that reality. Well, I guess we have to bring it around to what we were talking about reincarnation of the, you know, the immortality of the soul, and maybe there's some solace there. That and and maybe also. That might be their purpose at this time, you know, to to go through that in that way. And the way that I've come to understand all of this is that it is an honor for us to be here at this time to recognize the time and to start making the right choices because prophecy is also a spiritual teaching by warning. And I always feel that there is enough time in this. This countdown to make a difference in how we perceive the changes how we lived through the changes and might even offer the effect. I've come to the conclusion might, but I I must tell you. I've come to the conclusion that what's coming is. Now, irreversible. Like, there was an old movie the high and the mighty I don't know if you remember that or not John John Wayne, I don't remember it..

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