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Here this morning and couple of us miss the rally. Last night, but a couple of were, there and that's one of the things we're going to be talking about this morning and, if you were there or if you're there you had a chance to see it on TV. Perhaps maybe you'll have comments that you want to make because it was an interesting night and I think all well all wet as well as planned we have nothing extraordinarily unusual to talk about as far as protesters and all of that kind of thing a couple of. Protesters thrown out of the rally Katie and, I witness, that got, some, on, video, but aside from. That pretty pretty mild too crazy Yep so it came off as planned as did his appearance. At Tampa Bay tech a little earlier but those are, some of the things we'll be talking about, a lot of other stuff going on, as well It's five ten and one thing that goes on at this time every morning is traffic nears daisy ash constrained traffic center. Powered by climate design have left lane construction northbound I seventy. Five at I four up to speed on our area bridges and expressways, watch out, for, a structure, fire in, Dunedin, on main street near first street this, traffic report is brought to, you by Karavas Italian grill. Now, for a, limited time. When you order one of Kerala signature favorites like chicken Brian chicken Marsala or Rosa Maria, you'll take. Home. Free made from scratch Sonya for tomorrow night's dinner but hurry offer ends August fifth only corrobos. Daisy ashes radio w. f. LA WFL a now heard in south Tampa on one zero two point nine FM.

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