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Didn't address those delays or expectations for results instead. She focused on firing up her crowd for future nomination. Contests thank you for standing together fighting together. Persisting assisting together you have made me a better candidate and you will make me a better president. Xi ended the night. She often ends her events with the long run photos with supporters. Worn will now head onto New Hampshire possibly without knowing the results in Iowa Danielle Kurt Slaven NPR News Moines. The chaos in the Iowa Democratic caucuses focuses comes as president trump prepares to deliver the state of the Union address tonight at the US Capitol. President Trump won the Iowa. Republican caucuses easily defeating two challengers. Iran's judiciary says the country's top court has affirmed a death sentence for an Iranian man convicted of spying for the CIA NPR's Peter Kenyon reports state media say the man shared details of Iran's nuclear program with the US spokesman for Iran's judiciary said the convicted spy why is named Amir Ryan Poor and announced his imminent execution without giving a date or details of what he was convicted of doing the earnest. State News Agency reports that Ryan poor was paid by the CIA to provide unspecified. Details regarding Iran's nuclear program. There was no comment from the CIA. It's the first Iranian death sentence for spying on behalf of America. In nearly a decade tensions have been elevated between Tehran and Washington since two thousand eighteen when president trump reimpose sanctions on Iran a US drone strike earlier this year killed. Iran's top general customer the money Peter Kenyon. NPR News is taboo on Wall Street. The Dow was up four hundred forty six points or more than one and a half percent at twenty eight thousand eight hundred forty five. The Nasdaq is also up. One and a half percent up nearly one hundred thirty seven points it's NPR. Turkey says that its military has struck dozens of Syrian government targets. This comes after Turkey said that Syria killed eight. Turkish military personnel L.. In shelling in northwest Syria. The situation is expected to get worse. The United Nations is warning that about five hundred thousand people have fled the regents agents. Since December because of the recent violence in Syria. Malawi's Constitutional Court has nolde last. May's presidential election citing citing widespread irregularities. The court ordered a new vote within one hundred fifty days. Ishmael wound KWP has details. The court ruled that evidence of fraud in practice including their use of white out to order results undermined the vote incumbent. President Peter Mutharika Rica received thirty eight percent of the vote. His nearest rival got thirty five percent the result lead to deadly confrontations and widespread unrest throughout throughout Malawi. The court also ordered the fresh elections be held under majoritarian system. Which means the Weiner has to get more than fifty eight percent of the vote for NPR. News I'm his email addy. South African court has issued an arrest warrant for former President Jacob Zuma. He's on trial trial on charges of fraud racketeering and money laundering in connection with an arms deal when he was South African president. The judge is questioning Zuma's documentation nations saying he needs to seek medical treatment but the warrant won't take effect until Zuma's case resumes in May. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R. News..

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