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And then you tabulate the amount of money they make if you miss the cut then sorry it's all money the amount of money you make so you could have one guy win in three guys not even make the cut in probably win this now if you lose filled the lowest guy in our contest must dress as a shark one of the katy perry sharks but she had in the super bowl video and speak with an english accent the entire day on monday a we okay with this wait a british accent holiday british accent the entire show while wearing a shark cost to all everybody okay with this i'm in seton pauley on i'm terrible that yasser okay and i'm in so that's three two two even if the row did job in i just think good people to say why is that sharks the british act who cares were throwing the kitchen sink at this at the either one is boca well i like the british accent but i thought as of a thank you to katy perry we give her our shout out with somebody wearing when you you can be the drunk shark one one of the sharks drunk at the super bowl or little wobbly there i think so they're kinda wobbling around there i will come back we're just getting started uh dan plea second major league baseball a network will join his coming up in the second hour entertaining guy always get great stories so we'll talk to him about a few things poll question coming up your phone calls are welcome each seven seven three d p show email address deputy patrick dot com and our twitter handle.

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