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Earliest would be <hes> probably the fourth fourth round from the top of the fourth round <hes> and we we use all the usual caveats of like hey. It's <hes> you know. Penalty teams playing with the scoring rules but like a ten team league were touchdowns counter four points in a passing touch for passing touchdown. I think the top of the forefront is about right for me. Feel how how do you feel about the strategy of pairing up teammates on your fantasy team in other words. If i get michael thomas it's smart for me to get drew brees as well yeah. I see what i tell people that is it's. It's less about trying to pair teams. It's more about not being worried about talk. I've had people that have said exactly that like hey. I took michael thomas tonight because of that. When i'm choosing my quarterback later avoid drew brees my general rule donna making it really simple is just hey. If you like both players take them a lot of at the end of the year you go look at the top rank quarterbacks top top wide receivers in some cases top-ranked running back a lot of them. Come from the same team so i don't really have an issue with doubling up or crippling up on guys from the same roster. Can you just tell us all all your rules of thumb. Chris loves them. Yeah why not right. Hey you know what else they like. Nothing like this. It's a plug but it's also the answered your question. I should i write this piece. Every year. I the nine rules draft and fantasy football so like but doesn't say thumb kind of an open book my secret yeah so don e._s._p._n. Dot com yeah <hes> if you were to go to an in person draft which i'm gonna assume you do have at least one <hes>. What would you wear. He the casual honestly i tried to do it like you know even though like a three piece suit yeah yeah yeah yeah sometimes the best tire but the vast included <hes> but but every year i have <hes> you know the longest league the play that in the league of and planning the longest always petitions to like meet up all east coast guys so atlantic city or somewhere in that you know vegas. It'll be the goal but biggest you know. Most of the league is married with children which is a little bit more difficult to pull off a vegas trip <hes> but <hes> we always talk a big game. Aiming always ends up being the standard online <hes> draft because we're lame but <hes> yeah. I think if you get just prepare you gotta prepare. You gotta be nibble. You've got to be flexible. During the draft for the online draft you take off the tie is that for the online on yeah no question you can't be wearing tight during an online non then what's the how many leagues you in and what's the largest league that you're in <hes> this year end up being probably about thirteen this year <hes>. It's probably too many <hes> largely. They're sixteen teamers <hes> playing this the war league at e._s._p._n. Very we talked about it a lot drawing up program. It's getting a decent amount of run but <hes> i'd say that <hes>. I'm probably playing in ten more leagues. I really should be or need to but <hes> yeah definitely <hes> sixteen teams the biggest guests from it. I you know what i play in a league league. That's it's one league that makes up a bunch of small divisions combined but yeah i ended up playing in <hes>. Nothing more than sixteen leaks all right so as a show. We have a proposal for you which i feel you've already answered. We've wanna start a thirty two team fantasy league. I wanted to invite you to join it but it seems like you're not willing to join this. Well actually <hes> you know. Have my people talk to your people..

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