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On Friday night after the most amazing? Burger my life. Haley and I are playing. Mario Kart against MARLA. Who's her best friend in Thatcher whose her brother and we were playing like virtual nintendo switch. You can play against each other online no. I don't know that because I don't I don't play video games. Wow Okay so on. Loser unintended switch. You can go online and you can play your friends who have a switch. It is fun and we're just like in the middle of a battle and someone like things on my door and they're like police department and I like how am I brain. The way my mind works I was like. Oh my gosh. I haven't gotten my registration. Stickers were Michael. They're after me so anyways I opened the door. And they're like they're like there's like three cop standing there and they're like is everything okay and I was like. Yeah like we're good and they're like we just heard some noise coming from inside. I was like Oh. We're playing video games and I was like what's going on. No there was a like a noise complaint and the complex and I was like. Oh for me. And they're like no for one of the other Tenants and do you know any of your neighbors. Do you know any of your neighbors. Who Don't speak English and I was like No. I don't know a lot of my neighbors that well I know a few of them here and there and they're like do you know this number and I was like no. I don't know who that is. So I guess there had been in complaint for domestic abuse or something and so there's like seven cops walking around with like what happens on them and I was just standing. They're like Ios so intense and so they were like banging on the door. Almas answering that one of the other neighbors went and saw that their cars were still there so they knew they were home. It was just so intense so finally I guess. The girl came out and said that she had called nine one one. But I couldn't really hear what was going on but I don't know what ended up happening because I didn't want to be nosy so I just went back inside but it was so scary. I haven't I've not slept soundly. I literally hate that stuff so much like when things happen in my apartment complex. I get so like. I don't know why I feel like a mother hen of my apartment complex because like I feel like I'm like the like the not the mascot but I feel like I'm the one that needs to like stand to protect her on the protector of my entire apartment complex because I am the apartment. That's kind of like the first one. You know what I mean so like I feel like it's my job to just make sure everybody's save and so when things are going on like in front of our apartment complex. I'm the one that always calls the cops and I do a lot more often than than one would think or hope but I like I peek. My is over the window to like Sikhs. I've heard like a guy and a girl. I think they live somewhere around here. Like getting gnarly into it like domestic like by and I'll call the cops to come and I'll just be watching them the entire time scare and it's just like yeah and you don't WanNa get too involved but you wanna be aware of what's going on if you can step in and help and so I'm like these people I think this. Whoever lives not unit they moved in recently? So I don't I don't even know if I've seen them around or even like you know if I would recognize them but I'm like I I kind of feel the same way of like this responsibility of like being on the lookout but also like not wanting to do. It's so weird I don't know why like this on myself. Like the other day there was a homeless man I don't know how to say this Pleasure himself and I say them lettering himself on our front lawn and I like felt really bad because like I felt for him you know like where is he going to like? He has nowhere to go. But then I'm like there's children that live in here like what if one of them walk outside and see like this man pledging himself on the long rate here. Oh I'm I mean I feel I know what you're saying you feel for him but I don't know if he necessarily needs to be doing that while like like and that's a different like humanly urged that you can't really not it's a non essential yesterday turn did you. Did you call the police? I then I was driving Yeah that's Yeah I did but I'm not about it but I was like no. I was driving on hall around Hollywood Boulevard. And there is a man with his sweat pants down down to his knees and no underwear on and he was just dancing on the streets and I saw some things that shouldn't scene you know you're just living his life in a role on a different path over on a different path no judgment you know but but Becca did you. So how have you have? You heard this couple before in your complex. That was having the dispute. Is this something that's been going on for a while. No so weirdly that day earlier in the I'm sitting on the couch and heard like a I don't know like a scream or like a Mona. I literally almost thought someone was having wild sex or something so I I didn't really. It was the first time that's ever happened. Like my complex is really quiet. It's calm it's a lot of families and so I literally never thought a thing of it but the neighbor who shares a wall with the unit that they came to check on they said they hear them like I think fighting or like yelling alight so I don't know she just act like the girl that I talked to seemed like. Yeah we hear them all the time. And that's that's tough so I know it's I think that's why I've felt so like I don't know it's hard because I like. I said I don't WanNa come across. His nosy or stepping on anyone's toes are being anyone's business but at the same time. I'm like okay that fell for that for that many cops to come out and be that concerned if it felt Syria. So I'm just my Eiser. My eyes are aware of what's happening and keeping an eye on the situation when I can't I mean me to roll when I first moved to. La I I went down to Fairfax and Santa Monica there's like a bunch of like clothing stores down there and I parked in this neighborhood in the sky. Pulled up behind me and his girlfriend or wife was driving and he was sitting passenger and he was just just like close punching her so hard and I was like Oh my God so I sit there and I think I was trying to think about what to do and so I I get out of the car and then he gets out of the car and like starts walking towards me and then I got back in the car and I got license plate and drove away and I called the police and I. I've always felt like a coward in that moment and for not stopping because like who you know. I should have stopped him but he uses giant. Dude called my my dad's a police officer. I called him and I was like I feel horrible. Man Like this woman was in serious need and I I left. And he's like when those situations really the best thing you can do is be a good witness because what would have happened. He's like you would've gotten a fight with him. He would have beaten the crap out of you and then the cops come and then who knows you know. Maybe she would have denied it. Who knows what would have happened. So it's like you WanNa help but it almost could do more damage than good. Yeah exactly yeah and like and and the truth is like if I if I somehow got involved. It could if it's a situation where things are bad and she might be in denial or whatever it might make things worse for her the more that people are involved so. I think I'm just going to you know if I hear something that's like suspicious or not out of the norm that I'm GonNa be aware of it. The status definitely But to To do it to do a slight pivot whose your character in Mario Kart. Do you like to raise says. Oh so I raised as a peach princess interesting. I'm a warrior. I win really. Actually I see that. Let me just say here right. If if you guys hear me talking about ever playing video game on this podcast you will know that. I have officially crack honestly. It's so fun just saying that just throwing that out now. If anybody sees me playing a video game of sorts you will has cracked ruin week. Twelve Quarantine Tania's playing animal crossing obsessing about her acorns honestly though of all the things I haven't played but from what I've heard I could totally see tony getting obsessive animal crossing and acting like she. It's her duty to her jobs. Or whatever on that you feel like you're being so productive so I haven't played it either but I also see that I'm a cool guy. I don't play video games. I'm very cool. I got quite a lengthy list of things to do before I get a an endo. So we'll they're like sold out everywhere so good luck your loss. I think I'd rather order printer and practice like printing things than play. Video Games practice printing team Awal. What's the practices? Command her trying to be like sarcastic. Bust I can hang on guys. Go practice my printer. I yeah sorry. You're playing your video games. I gotTA GO. Practice might redoing double-sided tonight. I like creating my own games over nights darn atoll have either of you to learn like me. And I'm sorry if you've already brought this Have you really learn new instrument or something like that or anything like during during the quarantine? Yeah I guess not. Just in general but Now have you have I? Yeah I mean where to go. I have a oh I have A. I have a Ukulele that I've been practicing and I also had this off arena that I'm trying to break into but.

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