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Break up a tiny. Bit start to move off to the east we wanna get right to. Banning right now where there are people that are trying to find? Out, information about their homes information like does my, home still stand thanks. To that fire that just. Exploded, there in Idyllwild in the area Corbin Carson is there and joins us live Corbin what's. The latest well, the latest, numbers remained five percent contained forty seven hundred acres burned Mandatory evacuations thousands of these people at nearby high schools banning like you mentioned and. Surrounding hotels but just still the five homes that were along deer lane was the hardest hit but. The five homes that. Have been destroyed the US. Forest service tells me things look better overnight but we're nowhere near out of. The woods yet the big concern, is as. The temperature rises the humidity, drops this afternoon which will kick up. The win a sixteen mile an hour gusts. Expected, again around this afternoon so I'm being told there's a big transition period from the forest to the incident management teams. Plus as you might expect there are many fire crews many of whom are sprawled out everywhere this morning trying to get an. Hour or so asleep just beat. After last night's battles in needing to get back to today so as. New crews and equipment get in and I'm told as air quality? Lifts, this sort of inversion layer will allow helicopters, and fixed wing aircraft To get a better, look at the containment areas and the acreage, but it's not going to be until this afternoon or maybe even this evening before an update can be made in those in those areas has it been, difficult to get in and out, of the earth that there were evacuations and there were a couple of highways that. Had been closed yeah it was I mean, earlier when I got out there yesterday it was a, nightmare even getting close because they have a both. Ways in and out locked down and then, as I made my way, up the mountain I got describe this same was just fire on both sides are looking at. Boulders in the road I mean it is just chaotic trying to get up to the incident. Command, center plus these firefighters, are having to deal with. This along with the high temperatures as well as, all that gear that they have to wear so you know getting around and getting contained on this fire was the. Biggest issue and I and also say that, the the the primary concern was keeping, the fire from pushing into Idyllwild and going any further near this You know five or, six hundred homes that it was threatening for most of the the night last night and so now they feel what I'm hearing is they, feel as though things are looking better on that regard but now there's there the southeast has been sort of laid off of and that's where they're? Going, gonna be. Focusing their their power on today in in the case it looks like this thing was deliberately set absolutely this guy Brandon mcgladdery is a thirty two. Year old guy from Temecula he's been booked on five, counts of arson to. Wildland and being held on one million dollar bell allegedly this guy was running. Around setting, fires in the southwest Riverside County along highway seventy four one of those. Fires was the Cranston fire witnesses spotted a car like his at the scene but then shortly after that cops in Cal fire tracked him. Down and arrested him absolutely crazy all right courtroom when you get more information you'll, let us know I will I will tell, you one guys one thing before I let you go I gotta tell you this story is If. I if, I have the time the last night as I was searching. For a place to stay I came to this hotel and I talked to a couple of people. Here, they they're music teachers five hundred of their camp had, been had been evacuated, along in. The Idaho camp area these are kids of all, ages that are you know choir and all. In all kinds of stuff, like that and then you know they've heard the sirens. Get out. And the, music. Teachers make it to this, hotel I'm at but. Here's the. Kicker they get to this folks. Out there relaxing and then this happens. Right when I turned off the light Matt Matt. Map this is not a drill get out. Of your rooms get out of the building there's an emergency What We finally. Relaxed we're gonna go to. Sleep the lights up, the, oh. No I mean. This imagine if anybody who's having kind of PTSD over the. Day I, mean it's. Crazy I was out here to people are out in their skivvies think about. It fire kicked people out of their homes and then kick them out of their. Hotel, that, gosh she sounds exhausted Thanks, so much corporate. Appreciate it thanks guys Corbin Carson that'll latest on this, this Cranston fire that's burning up in the San Bernardino, national, forest Riverside County mounds up. There we'll get. You an update on the. Fire that has shut, down, Yosemite. When we come. Back Gary and Shannon will continue reminder tomorrow we're going to. Be live, at HQ. Gastro pub in Huntington beach we'd love it if you would come on out. A little bit later we'll tell you more about what we're can expect to oh. There, will, be special guests Yes I'm kind. Of worried did you ever have the fear when you're, a little kid and you're having a birthday party that, no, one was gonna show up I lived that yeah really I, had a part. I, mean There was a big flood. A couple days before. My birthday My ninth birthday And it didn't have a lot of people show. Because everyone's underwater Nick we're gonna need a ninth birthday party, in here stat Gary and we'll, continue small Julie Slater's got an here's the latest on the record breaking temps in so Cal and the fire. Burning in Idyllwild the fire that has burned five houses. And forty seven hundred acres around Idyllwild is just five percent contained. It's being blamed on an accused arsonist who was arrested a fire this two. Weeks ago in the Sierra national forest has burn more than forty one thousand acres tourists could be shut out of Yosemite valley through the weekend or even longer, due to air quality, conditions and the heat wave may have peaked but. The heat remains we have.

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