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Saturday welcome king james. I am the king of this podcast. Okay domain now. That's yes mr anthem. Okay okay One thing. I want to say right off the bat this character. The antagonist almost name algae rhythm it is a play on algorithm That's what that was about is at subtle itself. It's up okay. But for most of the movie they take to calling him al g which then sounds like they're saying algae every single time like the little green undersea aussie mazda. Whatever it is and then at one liter point he says. Call me mr rhythm. And i'm like yeah. You should have been calling you mr rhythm with our much cooler cooler. The screenwriter should have made that decision now. Algae sounds so dumb and they're like algae has kidnapped my son and you're like you're so must be pretty fucking week of algae could get him. I wanna call out right away. I just looked up. Algae rhythm and the villains wicky in the villain zwicky you know about the villains were key collection of all villain price. Yes and says that he was portrayed by don cheadle at his first villainous role not true. Don cheadle bag out of sight. Yeah i feel like there's probably others like has don cheadle been like the main tagore thing and also the question is made the villains wicky run by someone who doesn't know that non franchise movies probably not. I'm just saying emmy current emmy nominee don. Cheadle has definitely played. Absolute negative charac meaner antagonistic characters. Look for That'll sorry it's like there were some who was there was like i think it was mark. Ruffalo is like saying pro israel stuff on twitter. Something there was. Some marvel actor getting mildly cancelled for something online and i saw people on twitter Like like marvel stands saying like mark. Ruffalo should be grateful. He was nobody before kevin five and to them. Maybe that's didn't exist. Don cheadle didn't exist before he was the second actor to play war machine he was and that's the perspective that the villains wicky mods or coming from cannot just read some of the other things here on the space jam. New legacy quotes page to you have to i want to. I want to because. I think it's a pretty good summation of the bleakness of this movie. Okay first of all the quote. I read of course the famous line. Welcome king james. I'm the king of this. Domain has the parenthetical before it from trailer. Lebron has just been pulled into the server verse for the first good. Thank you thank you for clarifying. I said this is my soundcheck. But the bugs bunny line. If we're going out we're going out loonie Of course granny brackets facing off the cronos. I'm going old school on his thoughts on his but he's got a lot to say in this too much. We should silence granny granny's cancelled from trailer. Lebron james what in the matrix hell Lebron james from trailer looking for his son. Bet will smith inc. Gotta deal with this. I don't remember him. Saying that. The move i remember him saying. I tried to block as much of the movie. I can't remember why he says it. The lebron james granny's out here having a martini at halftime granny haters going to hate. How about this is that happens. How about this famous line lola. Bunny we'll get your son back. Promise good line she's right. She pulled it off six credited. Screenwriters here you've got one of the hottest stars in hollywood right playing lola bunny a beloved character saying such famous lines as got you brown. I have a rant about her about the treatment of lola. Bunny that You you need her metoo. yeah. I'm going to jump in on. I'm gonna tag on that. I'm gonna fucking alleyoop. That ran last two quotes. I wished to read this. One says in brackets repeated line okay. Algae rhythm it's game. Time even really need your. There's only one game now. He repeats it though. And then. here's the final quote on this page for space jam. A new legacy the movie. We're talking about today. Attributed to fred flintstone do does he sees it. Comes running down the.

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