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Because it right outsider but let me also introduce the princess of brit let lindsay cal fleet hi guys out in in the room your lot in so sick this and i get it outside braille and this is this is like superman to the end part everybody out there they lost their powers i'm outside the booth lucy my powers your forget it i lost the fuck it metaphor as as the the ira airlines rightist need leader and listen to meet cough i've got like this rattling smokers call the and that's because of the smoke that's because of the smoke i don't smoke but los angeles does now and i am the beneficiary of it so enjoy miasma everybody as the year winds down there still a lot to get into from this week in wrestling is there let's find out let's start with raw where the night got started with three lengthy and exciting matches first we got jason jordan challenging roman reigns for the intercontinental championship now we all know that jason and roman could put on a good match and they did again last night but the story line here is that jason george keeps inserting himself into this match over and over again even with joe in the picture now do we like this version of jason's character where he's kind of whiny and headstrong at the same time yes because now he has won that's true sure do you think did he get a pop am i mistaken you were there live villas warrior impressions of the reaction jason jordan got i felt like when he soup lex romany yeah he's aid managing people are excited that he did a thing so i would say in the staples center it was kind of a mixed reaction so people were not entirely happy when roman opened the show there was a lot of.

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