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Small businesses. How you gonna get the money back from sure. Lane up and everyone's well educated and I'm learning. Thank God because you know there were a bunch of politicians who wanted to eliminate signature gathering, which I don't hate the idea, but not at the last minute. Because they don't want to do the legwork. I did the legwork along with everyone. I did a smidgen of the work compared to the dozens of volunteers who worked their butts off me, and I'm grateful and thankful for that, and then Um, you know, there was this one table of ladies that were so excited. That Republican was voting. And I guess that I'm seemed like a normal guy, um, that they were very quick to sign for me. And one of the ladies was. There was a name Sylvia. Um, she works for Steve Madden. She was saying that she wants to send me some Steve Madden shoes to wear on the Campaign trail and then you know it's good to see like younger women, um, that they care about the community and stuff and then it was like Grace Lisbet Joanna. I mean fun was had by all on Dmat ahead. When you see me on liquid lunch, having a cocktail in the first hour. That means my campaign managers or having a stroke right now, because my phone is gonna stop blowing up any minute that I should be drinking in the first hour, But I am It's usually a sign of yesterday. A little too much petitioning. Maybe a little too many cocktails as you go around, and sometimes when you're hung over, you know what? It takes a little hair of the dog. So the Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Single more 19 year Scotch whisky. Is so good for any of you whiskey. Kano soars out there. You've got to try it out. It's delicious. And I want to thank everyone that so it was out on the campaign trip, including my newest signatures. These ladies got right under the gun. The last day I met them, and they filled out all the sheets. Thank you. All of you, and I had a blast throughout, petitioning. But I ended it yesterday with the bank and Angelina's and Angela did so much for me throughout the whole thing. Thank you, ladies. Thank you, Angela And thank all of you. We and ever I'm gonna have a big appreciation night for the people who really helped me on this thing. That's all you even you the ones that tune in everyday I need all of that support, And it's empowering to may And I thank you. For showing me that support and airport because it keeps me motivated, you know, and there's nothing my enemies want less. Then for me to be motivated, and I am motivated and when I have a whole bottle Glenfiddich 19 more motivated. I believe we'll have a guest coming up. Next segment. Your opinion, maybe with us. He's my buddy from the beginning, and Joe opinions the host of the Saturday agenda. On Newsmax, and he's one of the best guys around regular Monday contributor but we will take a quick break right here. We'll flip it around. Don't go nowhere. We will come on back right After this With your opinion, we're gonna be talking about killing off the penny. There may be no more pennies. So penny lover Penny loafers. All those a dead s o. They canceling out my shoes and my songs and everything but quick break. Don't cancel us. We'll be back right after this. Being a business owner or entrepreneur can feel lonely. Unless your friends have walked the same path. They just don't understand your passion. How many times have you been asked whether you're going to get a real job? And when you finally do make it big? All of a sudden, the Doubters tell you they always knew you would Does this sound familiar? You see a busy body. We understand the road you're on because we're on the same path. That's why we created a club just for you meet other people in the same path you're on.

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