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Speaking with the founder of unique addiction treatment center at first the parents of slain coach student Samantha Joseph center calling for new rideshare security measures Josephson's mother and father are lobbying to introduce new regulations after police say their daughter was killed by a man she missed took or her Uber driver ABC's Byron Pitts spoke with her parents this week. I don't think it was even in our site that this was an issue. Unfortunately, this happened. It could happen to anyone. Samantha was a force a twenty one year old with the world that are fingertips. A senior at the university of South Carolina, her parents seem more in Marseilles, she dreamt of becoming a lawyer atlas kind funny, very very funny. A best friend to everyone. Good sisters to Sydney, always smiling your smile when you do. She wanted to make a difference actually interested in international law, just two weeks after their daughter's murder the Joseph and say they feel compelled to speak out calling for federal regulation on the ride sharing industry and urging companies like over in lift to enhance their safety protocols, and we do not anything like this to happen to any other parent again. So we felt that's doing now. It was a typical Thursday night and Samantha was out with friends at a bar near US's campus. Shortly after two AM Samantha ordered Uber. She was being responsible going home. She had to work in the morning black Chevy Impala pulled up and cement got in believed that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking knew it was the next day her friends concerned the hadn't heard for Samantha called her parents in New Jersey snap is friend called me. And said, I just wanna let you know that we Samantha didn't come home last night. And they call the police, and I just kind of froze and called.

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