President Trump, FBI, Congress discussed on Orlando's Evening News


Here on news ninety six point five WDBO scale up, Kevin refuse House Rose Garden today, President Trump explained the details of a new immigration plan. He says this reform plan will create a fair modern. And lawful immigration system. Our proposal is pro American pro immigrant and pro worker. It's just common sense from says the plan fully secures the border and took a shot at Democrats saying they're looking for open borders, and lawless chaos Trump plan is expected to go nowhere in the divided congress as we continue our team coverage. It doesn't address all the issues. That's the reaction from Democrats about the president's plan, even before the president rolled out his latest immigration plans. Democrats where saying this effort needs to address Dhaka, the dreamers and more. House speaker Nancy Pelosi. We have to believe come to comprehensive immigration reform us, even Republicans admit nothing will get done on immigration, unless there is a bipartisan agreement. Washington watchdog Jamie debris point does got more reaction on its blog tapa JD pre button on the news ninety six point five WDBO app. You have an update on the successful intrusion of Russian hackers into to Florida counties election systems in two thousand sixteen. It turns out, we can't. Which counties because the FBI considers the supervisor offices victims, Florida, Republican congressman Matt gates says by protocol the FBI is now protecting their identities. That rationale is ludicrous standing next to him after an F B I briefing, today was Orlando, democratic congresswoman, Stephanie Murphy, she demands the info be made public is there votary registration information. And if it has been breached they deserve to know another new thing democratic congresswoman, Debbie Merck Carcelle Powell of Miami says the FBI found no evidence Russian hackers manipulated. The voter out of the access thing, couldn't say with certainty that they did not manipulate that data bipartisan group of Florida, reps say they're working on legislation to increase mandatory reporting from the FBI to congress and local elections offices, so that there is an accurate and timely up flow of information. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five w if you're just tuning in a Maitland, not the place to be or not the place to be trying to get on, I four westbound of small. Plane making an emergency landing on the ramp, there, we'll get you updated on that and other big traffic problems evening, I Tom Terry's here..

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