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Now, those of you that are New York area radio listeners remember Ron Kuby from his time on the radio. But you may also, of course know that he is a distinguished civil rights attorney and criminal defense attorney in his own, right. So we were talking about Charles Joe Hynes, and some of the people that were wrongfully convicted while he was the this is Ron Kuby who's rapper record represented some of those people actually. Okay. So many things I it's kind of a long story Franken and while the case. Came to white in the last couple of years of Joe Hines tenure in the office the practices that led up to those convictions on spanned Hines entire career in that office. And and preceded him as well. Today's world darling was been Holtzman news all over NBC talking about the Watergate commission was also Brooklyn DA before Hines, and so much of the bad practice, and institutional culture and corruption. On the part of the NYPD in Brooklyn. Detectives began took Rhode and began to flourish under Liz Holzman now traces Heinz did very little to make it any better. But he didn't start it. He just sort of continued it and what went wrong in Brooklyn. Was was what what went wrong in New York City, generally, which is white people got really afraid of black people committing crimes, and we're white people get afraid, and they have state power is we tend to have we created an institutional apparatus to incarcerate as many people as we possibly can that we're afraid of we don't particularly care how it's done. Well, respective of what Kuby said there in terms of white people having state power, which is a separate discussion. We really I made an effort to get as many diverse points of view as possible on this podcast. So if you have some time later, maybe before the Super Bowl I'd encourage you.

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