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So I ask you peel, g is Donovan McNab a hall of Famer. No, he's not when you think about it to what is your gut react? Action when someone asks you that question. It's no. It can't be. How's it? Yes. Like how I understand? Not even turn the heat on. Donovan Donovan was like, you know, for me tiled hood here like, yeah he was the first eagles quarterback, I ever knew growing logged on McNabb. Yeah. Like I had his jersey I was huge Donovan fan to get to interview him, like the radio did at the two thousand seventeen NFL draft. He was sitting literally goal, that was like amazing. I couldn't even fathom that now obviously, there's a funny reason to be frustrated. Donovan off the field. Disappointed to in some of those things that happened or legendary happened with NFL network and everything. So not like trying to idolize him here as the perfect person by any means. But describing it to the hall of fame thing yet. He's just not everyone knows it. Everyone knows that deep down inside of you. It's a total like testing. It's it doesn't even sound right. Hall of fame, like NFL are pro football hall of Famer Don McNabb like it doesn't sound right? I think he is close. I, I always think about how Tom. Brady's still playing in like Don McNabb like isn't even that different like age wise from him. Like there is a world where Donovan, I guess, maybe like takes care of himself better or whatever and is able to extend his career more in that world. Maybe he is. Like I don't think he is super far away. But I think he is like considerable distance away where he is not in the hall of Famer and the way his career ended it's pretty bad. He obviously was great with eagles, but outside of that he was hugely horrible with Washington, the Minnesota, and those things against you that counts against your legacy when you're when you're bad like that. You don't I don't think you just take the good. Like you have to consider the whole picture there. And Donovan, I just, I don't think measures up and I think maybe it's unfair. But part of the narrative to or the, you know, the thing with him is he never got it done. And that's always part, that's how he's gonna be remembered, unfortunately, for him. And I think that kind of goes into it, too. I don't know enough about Warren Moon to really say. Either way. But it almost sounds to me like if it similar that he shouldn't be in. I don't know. Yeah, I think I think with Warren Moon, I think, actually what they did is they took into consideration. Some of his time in the Canadian football was USFL. He was fair. I mean is the pro football hall of the NFL hall of fame like I get it. But at the same time, you know, I think.

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