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To the american foundation for suicide prevention the online statistics show the following suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the united states this doesn't clued the other countries each year forty four thousand nine hundred sixty five americans die by suicide so heartbreaking on average there one hundred twenty three suicides per day for every suicide twentyfive attempt to take their lives which means around one million one hundred and twenty four thousand one hundred twenty five americans attempt suicide men die by suicide three point five times more often than women these numbers are truly heartbreaking in fact just doing the research for this message grieves my heart deeply life should never get so bad that you have to get to the point where you feel the only way out is to harm yourself sadly some of you including me have either lost a friend or loved one to suicide in fact some of you out there have had suicidal thoughts and i'm glad you're still here to be able to hear this message it is such a terrible act for the individual as well as for the friends and family that are left behind to pick up the pieces the sadness emptiness loneliness and even the questions of wondering why their loved one had to do this to themselves will be with many of them for the rest of their lives so how do we make a change to the cycle it starts by speaking up men you have got to find someone to talk to you cannot handle this battle on your own no one was ever meant to carry burdens to the point of our bodies being stressed out we all need someone that we can speak with when times are rough or better yet don't wait guys don't wait until the times a rough find a friend build a relationship build a strong relationship with someone so in the rough times you won't have to go through them alone the apostle paul wrote these powerful verses and cleese iast four nine through twelve two people are better off than one for they can help each other succeed if one person falls the other can reach out and help but someone who falls alone is in real trouble likewise to people lined together can keep each other warm but how can one be warm loan a person standing alone can be attacked and defeated but to stand back to back and conquer three are even better for a triple braided cord is not easily broken so on the same note if someone does come to you to ask for help be sure that you listen to them and be careful not to talk their era off show them that you are sincerely interested in what they have to share also we must keep in mind that some men have a hard time sharing with others and i understand that but if you are depressed and stressed and can't seem to find the right answers to get your life back then you need to speak up please guys don't go it alone satan wants you to be silent he wants to bombard your mind with mixed feelings he wants you to believe.

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