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You know the one car that I basically like that never really can get out of its own way in the collector car appreciation market while everything else is going up around it is the pantera. Yeah. That kind of creep up. They're kind of cool. They're made engine. Interestingly enough, the other bizarre and stuff like that, I think in bizarre, trying to think of the other V8 powered American power plant, Italian design. Those things are popping. Everything is like literally gone up around the pantera. The vats and the newer stuff and the older stuff. And newer specialty Mustangs and stuff like that. And the pantera just sort of hangs out. They're creeping up a little bit. But we're not talking about modified wide body whatever. We're talking about like original or restored like GTS pantera, you know, like some of the nice ones. Yeah. I don't know what's going on with those. Yeah, and the mangusta. Another kind of pantera, essentially, and goose this are 354 hundred. Those popped up. Everything the poor Panera just kind of remains. Yeah. Even viper, I think, is moving. I first move in my heart. Yeah. I don't know why back Tara. That's a cool car. I agree. It's like go get yourself a nice stock pantera and enjoy it and sit on it a little bit. And it's got to go up. You know what else caught attention recently as testarossa? Testarossa is a hundred grand, sitting at hundred grand for a while. Big mirror off to the side. And now they're jumping. Now, in the testarossa world, the last sort of version of it that I always liked was the 5 12 M now the one that looks like a modern test roasted. It has the covers over the lights, not the pop up lights, right? Right. It looks like a Tesla with fixed lights. That car was cool. Test roses were a hundred grand, maybe a 150, and those were 400 to four 50. But it was the best of the bunch. And yeah, now there's a big gap between them. Well, that cars. The other Ferrari, modern day Ferrari, I was looking it up on a hammer tack. And I was literally like, I almost dropped my coffee. A three 55. Yeah. Ferrari. Convertible. It used to not be much of a difference between the convertibles and the coupes, though, but three 55 convertible. I don't really like that car in a convertible. One for like two 30. That's coming from. I have no idea where that's coming from. It's crazy. Yeah. I mean, those I like those cars. I like those. I think it's a pretty car, it's got a good sound. I'm gonna gated shift. Yeah. Let's look at the stuff you won. And by the way on that note, but I will say I know how much you hate yellow cars. Then car works in a yellow coupe. It does. I just had this conversation with Aaron and Randall Shelby, because the four GT that went that sold for like four 50. It was yellow at the back black stripes. And I told them the same thing that I say here. They go, man, four 50 for that car. They're like, I don't know about that color, and then Randall's like, I don't know, yellow's not bad. I go, it's not bad, but now imagine it in any other color, and he laughed. He's like, yeah, you're right. It doesn't have to be yellow. The Ferrari 5 50 are moving now. They are. I do agree with you. Probably the three 55 and the 360 are the best yellow Ferraris if you've got to get yellow. And maybe. And this could just be for my childhood when I think I got a model of one of the cars. Maybe the dinosaur. And the dinosaur nobody that are not yellow and they're so good. The dean, that's true. The dinos are moving kind of like the gull wings, like they just sat at one price. They kind of made it. Yeah. They're a cool piece. All right, should we bring in our guest? Max pat of Jamie little. Jamie little is a NASCAR Fox host reporter, probably by play announcer as well. I got this cool event coming up, which is they're doing a race at the coliseum. Yeah, out here. Yeah. It's coming up this weekend. It's Sunday, February 6th. Jamie can tell us a little bit more about it. But I think you can still go out and get a ticket for that. I don't know that that's sold out yet or how they're handling that. But all right, we're getting Jamie little's coming to the studio. Hello. How are you guys? Good. Yes, you guys were talking about the clash. I believe tickets are still available for it. They're expecting about 60,000 people there. The cool thing though. At the coliseum, just a fine point on it. Yes, the clash at the coliseum. They literally built a race track for one event that'll get torn up when this is all over. And it's just, you know, to try to reach a new market, bring NASCAR to a city where we don't normally go. We're usually in Fontana down the road atom, as you know. So it's a totally different concept. And it's an obviously tight. It's going to be fun, wield a wheel racing. It's going to be hard to stretch out the field. And if you do, you're just coming up on lap traffic inside of ten minutes on that track. I mean, I don't even know how they physically. I don't know if you have pictures of it, Chris, but how they physically pull it off. Is the oval there gonna be like the size of irwindale? So it's a quarter mile. So it's basically half the size of our smallest track, Martinsville, Virginia is like the smallest track that we go to in the NASCAR world. So it's going to be tight. You can't avoid each other. 23 drivers. I think 36 are going to show up. Only 23 in that main race on Sunday. So you're going to get knocked around if you want to win this race. You need to be leaning on somebody Robin's racing. How they are they banking the track? Very minimally, all the way around, so it's the same, but yeah, there it is right there. So the football field is under there. They laid all the dirt over kind of like they do with Supercross every week. At stadiums around the country. And then they poured the asphalt. So it was a huge undertaking. But it's something different. We need to be different and reach new audiences. And I heard that 70% of the ticket sales are from people that have never been to a NASCAR race. Oh, really? Yeah, it's going to be something to see for sure. Yeah. We're looking at this time lapse video. Man, there's going to be no bad seats in the House, either with sometimes coliseum, watching a football game or something. It's a little tough if you're in the cheap seats. But not with those cars out there, and not with as many of those as many cars as they have out there, it just seems so ambitious. But I agree. I like it when NASCAR mixes it up. I always love the road courses. To me, NASCAR's cut at its best when it gets down on one of those where they go out here that go to the truck. We stop in Finn and Sonoma. Stop and try to someone's friend is Andrea or Andrea. I have to stop before I say their name and think about it. But yeah, man, when they get going on Sonoma, I just that's such a real racing. It is. And it's funny. I mean, back in the day, you thought stock cars, they're too heavy, they don't move around. They're not agile enough. They're not good on road courses. That's some of the best racing that you'll see in NASCAR now to your point, Sonoma is one of my favorites. They're leaning on each other, but just high speeds..

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