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Uh let's go to the phones met juneau alaska hello matt welcome to the program outgoing do it well hope here hope you're doing well yeah not too bad actually um yeah so uh we'll quickly um i'm going to have a small thanksgiving uh with uh just my daughter my mom and we will uh my daughter's five um and uh it's just gonna be us we're on laugh because it's kind of hard to fly people out all the rest of the family uh we will definitely be talking politics we always do all of the time um you know you get together you get a kind of cloth over things that be seen in uh in the recent media and we often disagree dry usually suggested people that you should talk politics uh during the thanksgiving and i often do with uh a lot of my friends uh all the time and we we disagree ally a lot of different things um but we we found that you just you know doesn't matter if you're getting a little heed you're on the subject talk about it you know what i mean just just tell people what you think it'll and then listen to other people and it's it's just it's a great way to get it t to know more about about look i didn't at methods look pence at that and that's a great that's a great point you make a because i've it's been my experience that up there are no disagreement so big that they they can't be resolved over a big old slice of sweet potato pie with a dollar of whipped great i mean after after year after year scarf down a piece of pie everything else uh it just sort of sort of makes sense well that music means we've gotta was screwed up here folks i thank you for joining us for our first inaugural stars giving we've got a great team here.

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