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Will be as strong as this current one, but we'll start to see things calm down tonight and then heading into New Year's Day. Niles kenyon road remains shut down right now between Fremont and sunol. That's because of mudslide and flooding that happen there. The roadways known also as state highway 84. It's closed right now between mission boulevard and Fremont and Main Street in sanal, and it was first shut down late yesterday afternoon. The mudslide is right near the palomares road intersection and the closure is estimated to last until approximately noon today. Well, if you want to avoid driving on this New Year's Eve, buses or trains make a great alternative as kcbs David Welch reports many transit authorities around the bay will be offering up free rides. AC transit Sam trans and VTA are all offering free rides on New Year's Eve and all three are running well past midnight. If you're planning on heading into the city for the fireworks, Jim Allison with Bart says, although it isn't free, Bart is running past midnight. And we'll also plan to have extra event trains to alleviate some of the crowding on the platform. Muni is both plentiful and free with extra buses and metro service from 7 p.m. to two 15 a.m.. Steven Chun with muni says if you're riding on New Year's Eve and you want it to be for free. Please don't tack your clipper card or else you will be charged. And if you're coming up to the city from the Peninsula, Dan Lieberman with caltrain says rides are on them. We'll be running free service after 8 p.m. on Saturday the 31st and that will be going till the end of special late night service at 2 a.m. out of San Francisco. David Welch, case CBS. Coming up on case CBS. I'm Keith manconi, California saw fewer wildfire disasters in 2022. We consider why that happened. And that's kind of saved the day. And with the Chaka traffic

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