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Ed Burke, Jerome Powell, Extortion discussed on Steve Dahl


Chicago alderman, Ed Burke is resigning from the city council's finance committee a day after being charged with extent attempted extortion. However when it comes to the upcoming election he has posted a video on Instagram saying, but now I'm certain that you learned yesterday's events. I want you my friends and supporters to know that I fully intend to see reelection. That announcement came hours after mayor Emanuel released a statement, saying Burke agrees that the best course of action is for him to resign from the Financial Post. He has held for thirty years. Federal investigators alleged the longtime alderman tried to shake down a major fast food restaurant chain seeking city remodeling permits Burke has denied any wrongdoing. Employers in the US added three hundred twelve thousand jobs in December much higher than analysts were anticipating the Labor Department says the unemployment rate rose slightly to three point nine percent. But that reflected a surge in job seekers positive for growth Moody's, chief economist, Mark Zandi said these numbers are great news this at the very least dispels the growing concerns, particularly among investors that recession was around the corner. There is no recession around the corner. Average hourly pay improved three point two percent from a year ago, the healthcare food services construction and manufacturing sectors. With the primary contributors to last month's hiring and Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell is pledging that the central Bank will watch how the economy performs this year and adjust the rate policy accordingly at a conference in Atlanta Powell discuss the market turmoil and how raising interest rates have affected that Powell also stated that he would not resign from his post if President Trump asked him to the president has been critical of the fed ever since Powell took over as chairman, but Powell says he has received no direct communication from the White House about the rate policy. WLS traffic..

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