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Snake their way through that Alabama roller coaster. So about a Senate Carling advantage for Tacoma Sato off turnover four Soto's your leader. Then you've got the lap car of Matteis lace Dixon, though is under challenge. From board Dixon, though, will dive into the inside of that left car of lace lay schism a little bit of room Dixon, nut stalking, although off the quarter to move by lace farther back. Nice Mademoiselle Alexander Rossi moves to the inside. He's going to grab the fourth spot from James Hinchcliffe Tacoma Sato. Still the leader that he has laced between himself and Scott Dixon. Serving his that buffer board day is really trying to realize Scott Dixon. He's followed. By alexander. Jade cichlid Ryan hunter, Ray Joseph new garden, and again, no, not just potatoes place. He's just trying to get back on the lead lap. Yeah. He is. But it's got to be so frustrating, Scott Dixon here. Trying to get. By and try to burn some push the pats up process doing so while saving some to the end of the race. And don't forget here. We still have twenty five laps to go. As Joseph new with a lunch jumped inside of Ryan hundred turn fifty great move. Yeah. We're watching barcus Seroxat try to keep pace with that battle as well leader has already cleared. The start finish line Matteis laced Intel Scott Dixon to boarding Alexander. Rossi James hit the top five. They slide their way out of turn to head down the hill crest turned up before it come back to Gilman every lap. It's got Dixon waits to get around. Matteis lace Tacoma cytokine get away. Now laced moves over to drivers. Right. And they'll eat the faster car further back here clubs Joseph newborn face super, aggressive dive. But the inside he'll get around James Hinchcliffe. So new garden the three time winner here in barber has moved into the top five Joseph new guard. We'll keep our eye on Taku. Sato is still the leader four-car links in front of Scott Dixon. It's more day Rossi, then that left Kara potatoes sliced, but there comes Joseph new garden. He's gonna have to get around Matteis laced before he can set his sights on another position. We're watching Simon Pashto. He's continues to get very very race. And his car's been in the limelight all day long. But of course, part of the reason Joseph new gardeners, so strong is that he's on the set of sticker read tire. So he's going to have a lot more grip this early in the sticks. That's my speed. So aggressive to try and work its way forward because those tires are gonna fall off before too long. Thirty four laps down coal heard with all of the issues finally gets back into the fray, well, all of the leaders most of the anyway, except for hint, they cleared the car of Matteis laced right now, but what point five second lien for scuba saddle with Dixon board a Rossi to keep pace. Yeah. That's the top five that have gotten around lace that Sato by about ten Carling's over Dixon. Another eight back to Sebastian day, then another three or four car lakes Alexander Rossi and Joseph new guard. Rounding out the top five further back those air. Machines teammates of Hinchcliffe in Ericsson heaven great days, they now trying to pick their way around Erickson, it looked like J Hinch got his way around laced to keep in a lap down. It exactly that and tip the cap the potatoes sliced as well. This young driver here and working his way, obviously off sequence it out a pattern, but not necessarily working Marcus obstruction. When he's had to he's gotten out of the way when he's kept pace. He's tried to stay right there with everyone else. And you'll hear about that. When he gets back to the paddock as well. For for Sherry, well, and the guy I'm keeping my eye on right now Joyce of new new just cleared James cinch Clifford laugh ago, so announced the side prowl exander Rossi and Joseph new garden absolutely fly over half, a secular lab quicker than Alexander Rossi is next target up the road. So it's gonna be a matter of corners before Joseph gets the Rossi. Meanwhile, Alexander Rossi seems to be drawing a bit of a bead on Sebastian board boarding noses there dick as they worked the off tournament threes, the leaders company. Yeah, it's like these two young. American talents. Have turned it up a couple of notches because Rossi is running down more day and new started six teeth today. And he has all the way up into the top five those two Americans have changed it a Frenchman as they make their way towards turnover rates the leader Tacoma, Sada working his way through the corkscrew he extends by baby. A car linked his lead over Scott Dixon that Sebastian board day. Then Alexander Rossi running it fifth new garden. His kid mentioned your wait just a little bit before those pair of Arabic cheese at right hunter Ray, I ten some separation, but boy from twelve back pretty side by side every single corner here, and it's just impossible to make out who's gonna come out on top. And again, my is drawn to that car of Joseph new garden who is just absolutely flying at the moment here, and he is really that car of Alexander Rossi. Oh, so quickly. It's become on the front straightaway. Sixty nine laps now to Kuba Sada was leader Dixon, comfortable in that second. And position. But again, Sebastian more date, plenty of heat from Alexander Rossi Joseph new garden going to be that fray before long. Sano? My win the fifteen car links over Dixon. Best battle certainly shaping up. Looks to be third as Rossi's feed on semester. Boorda he'll close within a couple of car lengths left-hander turnover. Five. Both of those cars swing awful. Why? That's the preferred line down met straight away in the middle of this race track day though, clear by Mortlake over four Rossi. Joseph new garden is led one hundred and thirty three laps at this track in his career will be able to do. So today, plenty of work remaining. But considering he hit started sixteenth now running in fifth. He finds himself five college by Alexander Rossi and four guided struggled all weekends putting together a respectable day. The driver the twenty six feet, she's working all the veteran. Tony on that's about over twenty. Yeah. By that. And I think if you told Zak beach after the warm at this morning that he'd be in the top fifteen and fighting for top ten he would've taken that every day of the week because it has been a challenging week in here for Zach beach. And today has just been a matter of trying to keep it out of the Perrier's and keeping it on the track. And that is exactly what he's done. So so fair played for that. We're watching silent passionate. He's gaining a little pace. He's trying to draw being on Ryan hunter Ray hunter rate. Meanwhile, wants a piece of Marcus Ericsson Ericsson in the seven currently run Senate. So Nick, seventh eighth and nine Ericsson Hutter Ray Simon pag review and a good day. All all for both hundred Ray Simon pension as they both started outside the top ten in here. The twenty laps themselves right there. A four day passion of starting in the fourteenth position. He's about ten car links by Ryan as they set up fraternity. As those yellow cards victim down the hill. Auto Ray running again in that eight position. It's the pair of machines in front of him Eriksson seventh in Hinchcliffe and six has know to keep that group insight. No changes as they run their way single file in turnover. Tan a lot of people would like to be tenth right now. But consider that respectable next. Typical of what we've seen for willpower. Stop and look at this guy had four pitstops today. So the day has not gone to plan for willpower. And obviously they've they've struggled with setups all weekend long. So to come out of this with top ten finishes is probably all things considered not a terrible result for for willpower. But pretty interesting to see how things have shaken up Marcus Ericsson as well in seventh and using the exact same strategy as he did at circuit of the Americas. That work is way forward and is now challenging his team making ten tapes inch cliff speaking of willpower. He has a company now powers running ten Rosenquist eleven to the aforementioned Tony Kahn in twelve sack beaches thirteenth as they come off turn four and Vitas entertaining. Trying to get around Tony as they make their way to the left hand. Third five beach inside pokes his nose cannot slams sweat though on the exit that ABC supply Chevrolet, some good horsepower up and out of the corner has cannot appears like he will hold on beach this lab and a pretty good battle just in front of this. As well. It's between willpower and Felix Rosenquist right now. Power in the ten position Rosenquist about three colleagues behind him a complete seventy two laps. This time by Sada was first Dixit a second boarding third raunchy as fourth deals do garden his fifth. James Hinchcliffe is six Eric's is seven hundred his eighth Paget was night at willpower currently running in the ten position of lead up one point nine seconds, four Kuba Sato. And again, there's plenty of spacing the racecourse all the way back through Ericsson hundred raise started to lose track of him. You know, he's got some comfort, but just behind him will power Felix Rosenquist, again, Tony Zach beach those positions tend to fourteen still up for graphic yeoman. Yeah. Everything's space out a little bit here or leader Taku Sato already making his way up there. Turn number eight. We look back in the best on the racetrack continues to be for twelve beaches hounding Tony could on tournament five. From the left-hander cannot get tonight's run up out of the corner. Beachell daft just a couple of car lengths with Jake thinks start to settle out here with eighteen laps to go here at the weekend. Didn't start out the way sack beach would've liked he had an often in early practice session that balanced wasn't necessarily to his liking. But now here he is fried to work his way into that top twelve. He's still finds himself though about eighteen to twenty car or eighteen to twenty five hundred six liters eleven lead changes. What caution for seven laps on this day? We'll complete seventy latch next time by Sada was led four times for fifty seven laps four day Rossi Dixon. Hinchcliffe? Have also led lamps your top ten Guba Sato. Scott Dixon, tobacco four day allocated Rossi Joseph new garden Jamison his sixth.

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