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You had Patrick Peterson, who was on IR already, and then bershad breland, your other starting quarter goes down in the game and it looked semi severe. I didn't really I should have looked this morning to see how severe it was. But he needed help off the field. Suddenly you're down with three of your best corners. We knew daniil hunter out for the season after the, I believe it was a pack injury in the Dallas game. So now I was unlike you started to think about this or down your top two corners, you're down. You're safety, you're now down to Neil again and suddenly we're having this issue where the Vikings defense is decimated by injury once again for the second year in a row. I thought they played very well. They played tough, Anthony Barr made a massive plan. Man, was that athletic? Where now, unbelievable? Because it's a linebacker, so switch down the defensive end, batted it up as he's getting chopped. He's catching it on the way down. You're getting it in decent field position. I think the 35 or 40 yard line you're saying to yourself, all our offense needs to do is maybe had an explosive pick up 30 yards and maybe we can win this in overtime. But three and out immediately. So it's just a very bizarre offense that's not operating at peak Clint kubiak been gifted this job on his father's name and he's not very good. And so that's partly what we're having here. It'll be interesting to see if this goes completely sideways because I don't think Zimmer's completely out of the woodwork if this were to just spiral downward. He could be very much on the hot seat. And it's wild because a year and a half ago, at least within the gambling community, Zimmer was one of the most respected, and he was covering spreads left right and center. Just hasn't been the case. Although he did get to cash yesterday. That daddy did despite a game day move that actually took it off to 7 and a half at some of the sharper shops out there. And when you look at Zimmer's ATS record, I think it moves to 33 16 and one coming into a game off a straight up loss. We'll see if that manifests itself this weekend. And I know our listeners are sick of us belaboring the point, but they're not may not be a wind total that I've ever bet pain that's gonna be more frustrating win or lose than the Minnesota Vikings knowing how close they've been to winning a lot of these games where it feels all the coin flips have kind of gone against them. So we'll see how things finish out for them. Over the second half of the season. Before we move into lookout lines, wanted to make sure there wasn't anything that we happened to gloss over that you wanted to share as far as observations over the weekend. I decided to subject myself to Texans dolphins. And so that's one that we can address because it was kind of interesting throughout the course of the week the way betters and fantasy guys talked about Tyrod Taylor, you would have thought he was the second coming. Texans were steamed all week from 7 and a half down to soft four. I don't know if there was a three and a half in the market or not but soft for is kind of what I saw. Miami turned it over 5 times. And then Texans still couldn't cover it peak price. That's how bad Tyrod Taylor was. And it wasn't some like tall task. It's a dolphin's defense 26th inefficiency. 26th against the pass. Tyrod was terrible, 6th worst completion percentage compared to expectation. One pass completed beyond ten yards. He wasn't good under pressure. He wasn't good when kept clean. He stunk with play action. 39% success rate for the Texans. Three explosives all game. And so I think this is worth talking about when you have a three and a half point move through the 6 and 7 onto the four, I think we have to throw tire rod in the bad or ugly category. I was surprised that he didn't run the football a little bit more. I know he was returning from a hamstring, but I felt a team so desperate to try and extend plays. And struggling to identify weapons that Tyrod Taylor's legs would have been more of a focal point, knowing that the dolphins defense who plays a lot of man coverage had given up chunky yardage in the past the Josh Allen. So that was one part of the game I was surprised. Didn't play a bigger role for Houston. Maybe the hammy is not quite a 100% yet. Which would explain why you're kicking a field goal down 17 to 6 from the two yard line. Nope, that's just their head. David culley, everyone's friend of analytics, my friend. That's it. Exactly. I just don't get it. You know, I think we talked about this a couple weeks back or like this organization so inept right now in the head coach is. Beyond help. The rebuild there, let's figure out what we have in Davis mills. I understand it hasn't looked good, but there's no talent around him. Why don't we get this guy some reps? Why don't we attempt to have better draft picks? 32 year old Tyrod Taylor, I'm sure he's obviously an upgrade as we know in the market indicated. But what are we getting out of that? Especially if this is the performance. I understand this was his basement level performance, and it's only going to get better from here. It was first came back and since week two, so there's going to be a little rust. But if we're going to lose games anyways, why not get Davis mills more reps? Why not get a better draft position? It doesn't make any sense..

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