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And pull with your arm around your home you. Take that down you would automatically notice a change in, the wind Current. That passes, through that property so that in itself, you know as as as well as the sunlight changes and things of. That sort so we. Know those subtle changes at times really have address Back Well not to mention that when you take stuff down in force and so and so areas that have trees and everything around us The displacement of animals the wildlife that's there Oh sure. They will seek out new areas, they're gonna they're adapted, certain types of survival correct in different animals seek out the same type of habitat they had if they could find it somewhere adoptable, to changes in their habitat and some art. And you just won't, see them, there anymore Oh move on and try to find you advertise do, they I'll make new habitat well you know what I wrote systems and. Everything else these days you know some of them have no. Chance of making it could do habitat so yes if destroyed their habitat is very good chance you've also destroyed. Them because a lotta times I even bears they found, bears deer and so on and so forth and people's yards and then they end up shooting. Them, as being a nuisance and that's because there's been development. Somewhere down the road where they knocked them out of their homes a week I always say that people keep encroaching on. The, environment. And that's what's scary part is. We keep. Taking over the land and taking, over. The land eventually, he's not gonna be any more land to take. Over and what is will you work for the US government has a conservationist was, at your title went with the US government I was a district conservationists for. Thirty, five years with US department of, agriculture, so, somebody wants to ask. You a. Question that. Can go on to talk and, pets.com on there's a section there you'll. See, him in the drop downs where it says, environmental Ed. And you can send. Him, question anything about? You know lakes ponds trees environment anything to. Do with, the environment he can answer it for you so thanks for joining. Us in, this segment as always give my best to. On my love to the family to Sarah and the kids, in to see when all and we'll talk to you again soon you. Take care thanks Ed thank you that's environmental.

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