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In Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst presidential candidates are jamming in as many campaign stops as they can in New Hampshire today ahead of Tuesday's primary and your Scott that pro is there as former vice president Joe Biden and former south bend Indiana mayor Pete put a judge spar over which one of the best nearest the political movement led by former president Barack Obama senator Bernie Sanders is making a different pitch he told supporters in Plymouth today that as president he will overhaul healthcare immigration education childcare energy policy end of the criminal justice system just to name a few areas of the government and the economy he wants to change Sanders campaign says its volunteers knock on a hundred fifty thousand door Saturday meanwhile several polls show senator any club which are gaining ground at the last minute as moderate voters look over their choices in a mobile field Scott dentro NPR news traveling with the Sanders campaign in New York City back to back shootings in the Bronx by the same gun minute left two police officers wounded authorities say the suspect shot an officer in a police van last night and then today opened fire inside a precinct building wounding another both are expected to fully recover mayor bill de Blasio is calling it an attempted assassination these officers handled such a horrific situation with heroism with extraordinary skill thank god that each and everyone of them will be okay the gunman is in custody police commissioner urge Dermot Shea says the gunman was paroled in twenty seventeen after serving more than a decade in prison on an attempted murder charge Swiss voters have overwhelmingly approved a new law that makes it illegal to discriminate against LGBT Q. people the Swiss parliament is already approved it but opponents collected enough signatures for a country wide referendum this this line has more under the new law people of publicly incite hatred or discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation would face criminal charges more than sixty three percent to Swiss voters have said they will no longer tolerate homophobia in their country LGBT campaigners say the result is a clear signal against hatred right wing opponents say they will keep a close eye on the implementation of the law to make sure their freedom of expression isn't violated backers of the referendum say they have nothing to fear as long as their speech is respectful of others for NPR news I'm Lisa schline in Geneva the ninety second Academy Awards the Oscars gets under way in about an hour at the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles favorite to win Best Picture the World War one drama nineteen seventeen director Sam Mendes dedicated it to his grandfather but the comedic thriller from South Korea parasite is also a favorite for Best Picture if it does when it would be a first for a foreign language film to win that award you're listening to NPR news and support for NPR news comes from indeed with its skills test build for employers.

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