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The Cardinals, 7 to 6 and will Smith hit a three run pinch hit home run in the ninth inning to give the Dodgers and 86 walk off win over the Giants. And the NHL is set to host an expansion draft tonight to fill the roster of its newest franchise, the Seattle crack, and each team will be able to protect 8 to 10 players on their current roster, with the rest entering the pool to be up for grabs for Seattle. It's the league's first expansion draft since 2017. You can find more sports and access W D win. All right, Thank you. Much kale appreciate that. Want to say good morning to Robin Templeton the insurance source and we do mean the insurance source. And we're finding out more about what you need to know when it comes to making sure that Medicare is handled properly in your life. And it's something that a lot of folks don't think about till they get to the magic age. But we're probably gonna start considering that earlier and really look at all of our insurance needs and make sure we're headed in the right direction. Absolutely. Good Morning, Bill. How are you? I'm great today. Hope you are good. Yeah, my brother's trying. We're gonna get a break toward the weekend. So be alright. Okay, There's hope it light in the tunnel. Alright, So, yeah. So anybody that speaks in the best 65 Give me a call. Let me tell you while your options are going to be so that you know what to expect going into this You know, and therefore they get inundated with mailings. They'll get phone calls. I get emails. You can all kinds of stuff just telling them what we want to show you something, and they don't They get confused when I see all this stuff. What does this all mean? Every company wants your business, so they're going to send you all these fires and brochures to try to pull you in. What the difference is, is that you don't pay anything different to have me. I can represent you Show you everything. Let you know whether it's out there does not. Every company is right for you. There are specific companies that cover specific things better than the others. So we shout it out and find what works for you, right. You may have a particular need. It might maybe you're diabetic. Maybe you've got some other health issues. Maybe you completely healthy, so you you might need more or less, but it's not the same for everybody. Absolutely is not. So.

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