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But I do think that their spirit can. Broken. I'm with you on that. Fragment? And I think Toronto especially since MBA is not totally whole. I think Toronto white Toronto on they're gonna win that and six I five or six. Yeah. Really, even if Embiid place. Yeah. I just think coup why is right now and possibly wire plane different. Lila, I'm with you. I love Toronto. I love nurse. Look at the town on that Philly team. I get it, man. But there have you have you done the game. I am been personal clicked. Yeah. I did the I did a game, right? After the done the Tobias hair straight and the Lakers came into town. And the Laker scored one hundred twenty five I watched it was the sun loss by like third. Yeah. Coups Madame monster game. Yeah. And it it didn't make any difference more. I think both Houston Golden State winded. I put more likely to get upset rockets. Warriors. If there's an upset tonight. Oh, the rockets. Yeah. Yeah. In Houston, another one. Yeah. In houston. Yeah. Better team. Well, Utah's a way better team than the clippers. And the reality is Utah. The last two games. Okay. Not just. When they won. But the one that James harden went start off over fifteen they've done a really good job. Quin Snyder on a really good job protecting the three point line. And if you take away that element from Houston or make it more difficult vay become a little more mortal in that spot. All right. So I understand David coming up again today. We've got Dave mcmenamin coming on to rebut the rebuttal. Yeah. He's gonna make minimum cancer his story that did he told yesterday on Georgia show was playing on all on I this morning and LeBron out this Instagram video talking about mcmanaman's comments. Through. What a time to live. Really if you cover the Lakers like we all do there is no time to relax. Oh, well, wait, wait till the the story. I start the show with which is. Oh, jeez. That's a tease, right? We'll give you've got one minute. Is us tease it what? Okay. Let me. Okay. Okay. Though this. Yes, or no question. Is it a Laker store? It is does it involve potential coaches know, does it involve potential front office or current front office people. Yes. Our magic genie and rob in the store. Yes. Is it a story about a new team president of basketball operations, Linda Rambus? No, it's not. It's it is it information that has is not predominantly out there already. I don't believe. So I mean, it's out there because reporter put it out there. But I don't nobody vacc- seen the store. Okay. So it deals directly with what's happening with the lake. And it involves why potentially. Why Magic Johnson actually step down? Oh, that's good. Yeah. Okay. I gotta run on my car. Whether or not Magic Johnson makes it through the battle of winter failed. I don't believe it involves him or that or dragons or the no, yeah. Okay. Most likely. Like today in the battle of winter fell Georgia. Oh, Brienne of Serbian of the night, Brian who she could go. Yeah. No. I'm going torment..

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