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If. I think they should call him. Billy though i think it would make them more personable prince prince billy king billy. It'd be thing we're gonna call you billy. If that's what today's national american beer day and last night houston astros upset. The are no excuse me. The atlanta braves upset. Houston astros sixty two. So that was game one game two tonight tonight tonight. Vox yep pitch the pitcher for the for the astros broken leg last night and still got two people out before they figured out. He's like okay. It's hurting too bad. I gotta come back. Yeah he got hit with a line. Align shot came back to the pitcher. He even the she added he pitched he pitched to more batteries. Like how are you guys. Check this thing out in may not be able to walk this off. Good if as long as they don't have to run and he threw a couple of batters struck out guy was like okay. I can't go to push. And the plant i gotta do. Both of those really hurts. So that's trending so there's an article of buzzfeed about these odd things that you might find sexy for example one guy said house plans chicks. How plants are very hot to me. According to this guy somebody said if you could make a good excel spreadsheet. It's very sexy. We throw it up on our facebook page this more and there's already one answer that i'm just kind of like what the weird things you find. Oddly sexy next entities show. We have a very special new member of the ace and tj radio family now. it's joshua's farmers market in mooresville. And you're looking for the very best in fresh produce and all kinds of other stuff. It's joshua's farmers market one. Seventy jovi knox avenue mooresville by the wi with today's high demand for companies to find good people as tj dot com has launched a help wanted section and our friends at the von drill corporation. Have immediate openings. Learn more and apply today at a c. j. dot coms. New help wanted section. This is the as in tj show. Tell us about a family. You'd like to help this holiday season and tj's breaking and entering. Christmas launched monday. You've got this week next week to tell us all about a family that you like to happen. It cannot be your family breaking and entering christmas as built around the idea that we give to others this time of year to help them and there are a lot of people that need help this year. So go to ace. Tj dot com slash christmas. And there's a form there for you to fill out there some specific questions that we need answer. Please do do not dmz any application. Because we will not go through them. They do not count. We ask you to go through the specific way to get all the details that we need for breaking and entering christmas. But couple of rules remember. Don't tell the family they're being nominated and as always you cannot nominate your family. You must be telling us about another family who is in need in your area. So as tj dot com slash christmas to get all the details. I saw this all buzzfeed. But i guess it started on read it and i love. I love reading. There's some trash on there. But i i love. There's a category out interesting as a cuss word behind. But i'm i've stumbled across a few weeks ago and now i'm fascinated. But it's a daily checklist item. Because there's always something really cool on there but somebody asked what is the weirdest thing you find extremely attractive as usual. You throw something like that on the internet. It does not disappoint a few of the favorite answers. House plants quote chicks with plants are just very hot me in quote. Oh yeah guy didn't explain any more than that. I don't think he is. He's this what i've heard before though this lady said when guys are reversing the car and they put one hand on the back of the passenger seat to look backwards. I've seen that before. Yeah because while the times we've done these things that's one of them. That always comes up women women like just like i always say the seat belt or purse strap between the bosom that does it for me alexis and tj's always found that attractive. It's like one for you and one for me guy. One guy said armpits like when a girl lifts her arms above her head. I love that. I have no idea why being able to make a good excel spreadsheet. This lady said my boyfriend recently shaved his beard off and just left a mustache. Holy heck i was not expecting to dig the sexy flanders vibe. He's got going on and one lady said. I don't know why but exhausted. Men look super hot to me probably because being exhausted as close as being the real you as possible. don't disagree. It's a little odd do you have. Anything reagan's that you find. Oddly sexy violence i. it's not you know. I like getting a women's so aggravated with me that they can only resort to violence. And that's what i'm going to see a therapist about. Why do i get so much enjoyment of that pushing them to where they feel like the only solution is physical violence. It's terrible it's not a good thing but that's what this is about like we make in the stairwell to beat me out but she push yourself and the wall. Listen i'd this is not a good thing but you've talked about it but when she pushed you against the wall you were you were. You found that to be sexy very much even with crazy. That's what happens with every woman in my life. They fall in love. And then i eventually driving so crazy that they're like i'm either. I'm going to kill you or i'm going to leave and then you love but you love but that's a problem so i'm going to see a therapist. Yeah because you're driving her away but that just makes you more interested. Who wants the girl that you can get one wants that you want the girl that chevy against the wall but it actually means that she wants you so much that you. She's so frustrated that you're not giving yourself to her the way she wants you exactly that it makes lash out like that so it's a compliment to you alexis anything. You've found. Oddly fascinating sexy. I love Guy vets. If i see a guy with like inscribed with animals that's like my favorite. I follow like four accounts of vets. That are just these super hot men. And i don't even know them but i love. It seem them with kittens or puppies. Oh oh rob. We've never asked you this before. Is there anything that you find weirdly. Sexy oddly sexy. I'm pretty plain cheeseburger. What are you find. Sexy in general rob i. I don't really have a definite answer. I just i know it when it's kind of like defining pornography you can't define it but you know it when you see. Yeah exactly so at the as tj show and if you'd like to remain anonymous what do you find. What weird thing do you find to be sexy. It could be just uniquely the weird thing you find attractive. We talked to people before that. Find a guy with a cast to be oddly. Sexy like that girl. Maybe you'd like it. Maybe you find out just recently you think good porn moustache is oddly. Sexy.

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