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Val mick foley noel foley ricky the dragon steamboat ramos stereo rock and roll corey taylor slipknot will be performing fasel be playing three sets phil campbell the bastard sons king the stir the dave spevak project the darlings of rock and roll the incredible cherry bombs shoot to thrill the world's best acc kevin blues ozzy the world's best ozzy osbourne cover band podcast as well cyrus police and be from killing the town and the keep it at one hundred conan disco and fern shane helms and be on the darkness will be doing some podcasts there and cochabamba mardi rosa doing them professional wrestling show brad williams would be there ron funches will be there craig gas just announced it's it's hilarious stand up comedians raven will be the busted open radio david wreck and all his crew and of course ring of honor presenting the sea of honor tournament aboard the ship matches happening in the middle of the show and the winner of the tournament gets ring of honor world championship shot in the future kenya may be they're young bucks the villain mardi sterling briscoe brothers don't castle freight because adam page chris daniels jleague thel cheeseburger jonah put out so mandy leon kelly klein brandy roads taping flip gore delirious kenny king silence beer cd bruce at the dowels and of course american nightmare cody don't call him roads i mean come on how much more do you want that is a huge jam act regatta of wrestling at sea the rock and wrestling ranger we are getting closer to selling out we're on a selo pace get your cabin now chris jericho cruise dot com come sing karaoke at battiston i mean come on or do you want we are putting on the biggest show all cruises all wrestling all rock and roll james ellsworth will be there i mean come on we got a jampacked here christiane cruise dot com and book your cabin now that's chris jericho cruise dot com book your cabin now all right thank you so much we will see very soon next wednesday right here on tis jericho the young bucks everyone's talking about them back talk jericho they're taking over the world and they're here on talk is jericho this wednesday we'll see it in the meantime between time stay hard peace love and hugs and the big.

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