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A nutshell he always under promised over delivered as you take a look at what the was able to bring to. The chicago cubs just a world series title in two thousand sixteen. He was a great executive but even more importantly he's a great person. Yeah he's a pretty good guitar player to have had the chance to to be on stage and backstage with him a few times. And maybe the smartest person i've ever been around as we said earlier in the show. I think there's a lot of self awareness there and you know i'm just thinking about when he got hired because you know it's all about me right so often you say you don't quite appreciate something great until it's gone. I think i speak for a lot of cubs fans. I think they knew. And theo god here just how special an executive he was. He said he wanted to win. The world series within five years. He accomplished that goal. Bruce said earlier in the show he will be in the hall of fame. There's no question about it. And he'll go down as one of the great executives in the history of the sport. He's forty six years old guys. He's got a few more chapters to right and as a bystander. I'm very curious to see what he has in store next. The intensity and tenacity of theo epstein is something. I'll always remember because he was aggressive from day. One all the way through today when he resigned as president of the chicago cubs effective november twentieth. And that he'll bring with him everywhere. He goes whether it's in politics whether it's sports whether it's lessons to his children whether conversations with his wife he is totally in the moment and always has been and that i think is gonna be the challenge for the organisation. Moving forward is to have that still that type of feeling that you know. Winning is great. Winning is what we do once we win. The next thing we need to do is win again and that is something that i think maybe missed but i know that jed hoyer and the people up behind are going to pick that ball up and try to run with it. That's their challenge. Because nobody has done that. Better than theo epstein. Both in boston and here. Well like len said selfishly. I've been lucky enough to be able to work alongside. Theo in some capacity when i was in boston and now with the chicago cubs what he's been able to do for both franchises to be able to pretty much exercise. Both of those curses and get rid of those demons and keep them at arm's length and make the chicago cubs as well as the boston. Red sox perennial winners. Will that certainly a feather in his cap. And when you look at jed hoyer he's been with the cubs since twenty eleven. He's an expert in his field. So when it comes to expectation surrounding jed we hope to see for well typically when you have a successor like this. It would be an assistant who had never run an organization. This will actually be the third baseball department. Jed hoyer has run. Remember at one time when theo had stepped aside in boston for that. One off season and ben sherrington where the coat general manager at the.

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