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I don't know if this is the right word but it sounds right so i'm gonna go with That it was just turgid performance. He somebody said pedestrian Mitchell it was you a good call for for the the. Us men mccall turgid. Not even sure what it sounds right. I got a word for you sam. Oh boy it's embarrassing thing. A group stage performance has been embarrassed just across the board. yes. I think the three games. They've put forward so far at the olympics have been embarrassed. It's certainly not what a lotta people expected coming into the olympics. I will say little pat on the back here. I basically call this. I was not a fan of this team coming into the tournament. Something's off i mean. Something is just off with this team any. I think australia game basically proved that the wind is a us women's team come out in like just like hang on and try and like batten down the hatches and try and sit out a zero zero draw against australia. Sweet to squeak through his second team in the garage this week through the second team. I mean no festival. Australia but they are not like the recrossed of of the cane. Tim kahlil was not starting at nine feet. I mean listen so any hypotheses. What's going on here woohoo. There's a few. But i'm not gonna say no-balls no-balls no-balls for me. No i'm listen. I still very much like female soccer twitter. Guyana don't wanna get bad sped grace's with them. No i'm just kidding. I really don't give a shit. I really don't think they're that. They looked at this tournament as anything other than like a kind of something they had to do. Like we have to win this and now they're learning that you know. People are getting better as nations while we're just stagnant. That's fair. I mean the rest of the world is getting better. I think we're getting better. I think that we didn't necessarily freshen up the squad and who knows the the level of sort of desperation which is probably what you need to win. An olympic semi needs. The women on. This team have won everything under the sun at this point so olympics to them probably isn't like the the all end all whereas you know you could tell when they played that swedish team. Those women wanted. They wanted to win that game. Well to to mikey's point we've we've been at the top of the world for for quite some time now So going into this olympics. And tim to your point. The vibes were off. I think that's your professional analysis. We we went into the tournament with a target on our backs and without a clear. I'll call him a rival pushing us to get better at all times. I think we were complacent and Pedestrian i'll i'll double down on. It feels it feels man city skipping training camp at finishing seven right okay. Jackie thoughts on this this. This might be a little bit harsh but planning simply their old. Those names repeat no more but he said it so many of them. They've they've been there for a long time. There's a reason you know up so much that they've played in a lot of these tournaments and you'd see it a lot at the international level like the italy. Oh six pain twenty ten those teams the next world cup and there's some other examples too. They just weren't the same anymore in it's kind of a mix of being in a transition and everyone else catching up that you can't hide it as much. I think. That's probably where we are. But they could still turn it on. Be themselves i. I could see that happening but it doesn't look good right now at. That's fair. I mean that's what i said like. Basically you know the flipside of being experienced in his accomplished as these players are is. Your old played simple. Like you look at alex morgan. Kristen press carli lloyd tobin heath. Those players are all thirty. Plus and i know the women's national team twitter does not wanna hear it because they are goddesses and to be fair they sort of have deserved that sort of respect but at a certain point you gotta make the transition ranches you say. I think that we should be in a transition period. Doesn't feel like we've started the transition period quite yet officially. so yeah we'll see So we're we're moving onto the knockouts now. Our first opponent netherlands tough opponent ask. Who have they medina. Banded don can meet me nita. Meet emma so she is Basically play like arsenal team. Here so she's the greatest of gatuma. She's twenty five years old. She's killing it for arsenal. She has eight goals in three games in the group stage game and she didn't play most some of those games so like she is in Does is she scores against good teams. To course against everybody. I remember in the last world cup. She was a problem so now. It's netherlands team was a problem for. Us woman last time around. God i want the save got veteran. We've probably got an older. So it's not a great setup. Like i'm not excited about this game. I will throw one thing out there though. I wouldn't be shocked if the winner this. Us netherlands game wins at all. Because i think they're coming on the software side of the bracket and we'll see what happens on the other side. But i would not be shocked. And i i think Out if you put a gun to my head to put money on. I'd probably put on netherlands hater hater. Alert you've finally come around so you think we beat the netherlands. You think we win if we beat the netherlands big. I think we have a shot. I think we have good shot. Yes i will save. We beat netherlands. I think we went. I think the winner. This game wins gold medal. i mean it's tough. there's good teams out there. No-doubt great britain durga team canada's pretty good Wells was japan. Japan is pretty good. I think so far. Miranda wanna give one quick shoutout to The zambian striker that had back to back twenty one year old barbara banda back to back. Hattie's unreal unreal. That that's the definition of putting the entire country on your back and just just going forward It's not easy to do. I hope she gets a big transfer somewhere in really kinda kinda shows out in a major league because that's well-deserved you would think that this kind of performance in on the stage would would do that for her so that yeah. That would be cool. I saw has giving shout outs. I haven't even mentioned sweden. I mean they they look good against us so perhaps there perhaps favorite at this point. Okay you guys any predictions. Do you think we're going to beat. Netherlands and withholding predictions. That's a no. I don't know man hayden and i get i predict can tie at the end of regulation at such a bitch Jack what are you thinking here..

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