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You know without the steroids and all that kind of stuff guys tend to fade pig guy those strike out he as many injuries was hit in the face with a baseball you know has their guard and everything by me you know whenever you pay a guy that kind of money always take a chance within gery's and there's no predicting it really so you should be getting them into his prime years hanyu should have at least five really good years at least one who unless he just as well i'm in new york a gun all this money and his head gets turn by you know kim they singer with a silver bullet or barbara urji or whatever thinking of the natural remember but other than that how people have said well you know what's going to happen they're not going to be able to get brice harper next year well if you have stand india really need harper where you gonna play him and you know if you have an outfield of judge stanton and harper oh first of all you need somebody to place centerfield i guess harper could but it was any but they're going to go 162 in all i mean it's it's kind of overkill and don't forget the harper thing people are going to uh you know they get harper near can't get harper next year if they get stanton well harper is going to be possibly a four hundred milliondollar player his contract might as a free agent dwarf stanton's so you know you take the 285 now that they owe him versus the now let's say modestly 350 the better off with stanton may be and again i'm a year earlier so they can atta championship to their resume it's really hard to find a downside of this deal now is this deal going to propel them over the one 97 limited make them pay luxury tax maybe a little but a little is that can be a whole lot is it gonna keep them from getting a pitcher well amazed may knocked the odds down a little bit in terms of the kind of money they can spend on a pitcher but again as i said last hour looking at this rotation did they really even need a picture but if he nice that they needed thing if i were what they got they came from one game of the world series without adding that.

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