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A mantle the cats are male cats. I still think it would pass. But she's named. I think Connie and then Amy sedaris this character's name is Deb. But because we don't hear Connie's voice and her side of the conversation. I would say that does not pass the only other time where it comes close where women are interacting toward the end whenever Jovi, and Mary Steenburgen character burgeon Bergen, virgin, they sing at each other. But the song is about Santa Claus. So. And they're also not actually talking to each other. And that's all you get with women interacting in the movie else. Yeah. There's really not much happening there. Well, let's rate the movie on our nipple scale showy. Yeah. Yeah. Zero to five nipples based on his portrayal of women. I'm gonna give it a half nipple zero zero. Yeah, I'm gonna give it Sierra nipples because between Zoe's character, which the ark of that is that he harasses her and wears her down into eventually going out with him. And then basically her function the story is to help him grow is a person. So she doesn't have any sort of her own character own stories all just about like characterizing him, Mary Steenburgen character. Did I say it, right? I don't know. We've said Birgit both ways. So we're going to be right. Yeah. Percent chance. She is very underwritten as is Amy sedaris his character. Like, they're just the existence story to support the men. Around them. And yeah, it's a very white movie. It's a very hetero movie, so your own polls. And that's the end of speech. I'm going to go with. I'll give it one. Okay. Give it half of one. Okay. Because I think as with most movies we cover there's a lot of missed potential where at very least I'm going back to one. Okay. I'm going to one because especially with Mary Steenburgen character. There were a lot of troby pitfalls. This character could have gone to that the writer didn't go in that direction. And instead went in no direction and sort of made her like an inconsequential character we're in. And then there's moments where you're like, oh Jovi is advocating for herself. She's communicating. Clearly, don't do this don't do this. But she still ends up with the guy that always does it anyways. And so there I think that few female characters we have there is potential in them. But because they never technically get to meet each other. And because of I mean, the whole circumstance of how like you're saying they only exist as pertains to male characters we just lose that. And I think that there is a version of the story. We're one of the many male characters is written out to make room for mayors. Always character that ends up in a much more. Interesting movie. Also, scary white as ever fascia North Pole. No, thank you, very freaky. But the claymation was queer..

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