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Tariffs when reagan does it or bush does it or trump does it but it is to say that's an this is not out of the ordinary republican presidents at all finally today or primaries in texas the media are trumping this up pun very much as always intended as a preview of what we're going to get in november what does this mean for the gop chances in november looking ahead i don't wanna make predictions i have a nice four hundred dollar check on my table over there to show why it's not a great idea to make predictions sometimes put your money on it thank you mr schapira so what does this mean in november historically speaking the party in power loses doubts historically speaking were likely to lose the house especially as a republican because we've got oh media apparatus against us that said there are 23 republican seats in congress that hillary won in 2016 it's not good but let's not forget there are a dozen democrats seats in congress the donald trump won and by the way some of those seats the hillary one was by one percentage point or two percentage points in places like texas where donald trump we were told is going to store crazy wars excuse me shoot nuclear missiles everywhere destroy the economy none of that happened i wonder if that one to two percentage point margin for democrats is really going to remain of it's going to just collapse once we see that this guy has not fallen down right now so we got 23 got a dozen is where that even zoe retirement eleven eleven states or eleven seats swing the gop as a 45 seat advantage in the house right now doesn't mean we're not gonna lose it if he has a strict history is any indication we are going to lose the house but if conservatives are energized there's a chance that we keep the house is a fair chance i'm energized the heritage foundation which says the donald trump is affecting their conservative agenda at a faster rate even than ronald reagan the heritage foundation is energized democrats tried to sabah energy with all this useless nonsense like sam nunn bergen russian blablabla but i'm energized i hope you're energized too because if if we some out magically old doubts oh my god it's i'm going to need away.

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