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After a late night the senate passed a sweeping tax reform plan that republicans say will save you money and give the country's economy a boost corresponded alley rogan has more from capitol hill it's an intact sailed past fifty one to forty nine a partyline vote with one republican defecting the bill would lower taxes permanently for corporations and temporarily on individuals but still needs to be combined with the house version before it goes to president trump's desk senate majority leader mitch mcconnell celebrated the victory after the vote day for the country than thirty one years andrew don comprehensive tax reform republicans were making last minute changes to the bill almost up to the vote itself drawing democratic criticism of a rushed process leaving no time for careful consideration president trump praised the plan this morning saying it's going to be great for all americans for men for members tax cuts and tax relief such as drug three days many new yorkers are not buying it and are protesting in lower manhattan not embarrassing it's really sickening the see what's going to do to economy naas for murray hill was among the few hundred gathered and fully square to protest the president's tax plan which moved through the republican senate at in a store great many independent analyses of the plan say it will add about a trillion dollars to the national debt new york city public advocate james spoke with me before addressing the crowd and so it's really unfortunate that was this rush to pass this bill in the middle of the night no one is even read the bill andrew thousand ten wins in foley square wins news time on 44 sports in one minute content and wins september eleven it affected every american but it made many new yorkers sick for months after nine eleven the air swirling over lower manhattan which filled with toxic dust and fumes many who were exposed to these toxins now have nine eleven related cancers if you lived worked were a student or were present in lower manhattan in the months after the nine eleven attacks and.

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