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Said albert since market radio row new mexico forty boise state's one eight adenine is we set you up her second half action log side one levels alltime great center green rapporteur ian hunter how 'bout this time statute my goodness what a flip of the script up from a month ago january third in boise february six in albuquerque this thing has been turned on its ears the all the numbers are backwards compared to what we saw from the box were at the end of the boise state blow out of the lobos a month ago mexico played a spectacular first step that's what the home cooking does for you and that picked crowd baby the sixman i think that's really the difference their lights out at one thing i was looking at the stats the files situation you know we talked about the boost wet didn't blow for uh against the first expel calls it again around boise around the world is ago yeah and they're only recall the gates boise and they're all against william and that's big because lexus just kind of their ngo so with that said you've extra has to really be careful here in terms of fouts up with a second half williams makes them go in williams with three personal is one of those a technical keep that in the back of your mind another technical the gone right remember how big the technicals weighed in boise remember troy simon's getting the to text for the second time this season his second jackson after that gave troy seimas was suspended by the league for a game coach where kept it now for four more five in all before he got back in this returned to level lineup was against utah stayed on the road after that game against boise in january sam log would ran into mcclatch mala watch in the key over here just to are right on bob pink court and partially toward the labour minutes left shoulder and it's been seven games in sanford played in the sam was so good last weekend against san jose state second game back these britishinspired your delight as well big deal mathis now watch roofing are capable logos to start the half with possession in the frontcourt let the clutch makes it read from the rightwing drives and grows it away looking to get it to mcneil emma classes just.

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