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The federal government has already provided states with doses of monoclonal antibodies used to treat covert 19 so that patients are not charged for them. But There are costs associated with administering those therapies. So the Maryland Insurance Commissioner, Kathleen Brain has moved to require Maryland health carriers to cover the cost to related to those therapies. Bottom line While you are not charged for the doses themselves, you also cannot be built for costs tied to the treatments, either. A spokesman for the commission says the move is not the result of any complaints. It has been taken proactively Kate Ryan. W T. O P. News tin you concerned about the use of AstraZeneca's Corona virus vaccine Germany has suspended giving it to people under 60 after more reports of blood clots. The decision comes after Germany's top medical regulator recorded more than 30 cases of rare blood clots and people who had recently received that vaccine. Nine of them died. Reports of blood clots prompted several European countries toe temporarily stop using the AstraZeneca van. Seen earlier in the mud. But inoculations resumed after review by European medical experts decided the benefits outweigh the risks. Meanwhile, a new surge is forcing Italy to make some tough decisions. Italy's just announced its five day quarantine will now apply to you and not just non European travelers. Covert cases in Germany and France continued to rise despite partial lockdowns there. But is Europe battles its third wave, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, telling the British people to place bought Take exercise to have fun as covered restrictions here begin to ease in part thanks to a successful vaccination drive. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS London here at Home, Prince George's County families are being asked about this falls back to school plants. Let's go to double d t o P. Skate Ryan drafts of to school calendars, one with sessions starting August 30th. The other starting September 7th are being sent to Prince George's County homes to see which parents prefer. The survey from the Prince George's County school system also asks parents how important it is to have a full week for spring break whether they observe religious holidays, not on the calendar and more. School systems in Maryland have to provide 180 days of instruction, but each county school board develops its own calendar. Kate Brian W..

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