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One hundred wins. I mean he was already at this point. He's the typically the greatest driver of time because he's not shoemaker in terms of window to surpass macs demean seven more times so he's he's the greatest statistically now he's got one hundred he's potentially going to go on to win more championships away resist. Now in the debate of who's the greatest driver against one hundred makes any real difference in that sense. We you know. Hamilton is now. We're close enough to the end of his career. I mean i'm intrigued to john jonah. He could go and build the the next two years. I mean if he were to do that and wish to genuinely be. I ought to fight off the whole generation of leclerc which tappin russell. I mean that would really would be remark on. Surely age will catch up with him eventually. Don't think we really you wouldn't say oh now. He's definitely the greatest now he's got to one hundred. I don't think it's yeah. It's all about context all the things we've been talking about. Yeah that was that period at mclaren where yeah. He was beaten by button. Did lose township to ross burger these. These factual ways be there. I think we've talked about talked about before. What could he possibly do on track to somehow. Increase the position. Ease ordine which let's face it. He's in in the top. Three great steph draws of all time. What could eat to lift up. The only thing i can really think equipments as and went to ferrari went going to win a chance. You know lawns. I didn't do it. Veteran didn't do it. And i'm processed in des back in the day. If he went there went wrong. Win chance you with ferrari. Then i mean that really would be remarkable but he. He would be crazy to do that at this point in his career. And that's i think that's very likely so. He's he's in. He's in the debate of the boils down to what your criteria looking we could do until i pulled cast on who the greatest race driving. Well yes but. I don't think the you don't think the the that into one hundred and eight. Th world title seven eight nine makes a huge amount of difference is more about the the context that those successes scored in reading it as it is and while i'm going to remain sitting on the fence air in terms of giving an opinion on his grace woman who drove d think another interesting element is half drivers changed were they have they done in terms of that. He's not even look at jackie stewart and all the safety that he promoted and he achieve wonderful. Extra element is the identity debate on lewis aside. He's driving this force for change in multiple to improve things that people have been underrepresented him. And i think that's a a big consideration when you think about the greatest defined terms how defined as a chat for another cost. Let's go onto your top ten listed on again. Vive you spent many an evening considering lewis hamilton's Well let's face. It was nine thousand nine up until up until saatchi which isn't which isn't in that turning twenty twenty one rushing groundbreaking to give out the Beginning right to the first one at number ten which the twenty thirteen hungarian grand prix. And that's how much is one hundred and twentieth formula. One races twenty-second victory base. First mercedes and john. I'm gonna come to you. Have you any particular memories of that day. The hungarian i imagine it was quite hot at the hungarian in july. The body memory of that time was more the political background to all nine lead that it was lewis his first win but it was the year of the famous mercedes secret test. In barcelona's this has been a real ongoing political battle. Between this was the point mercedes have become a serious threat to the teams so that run this test after spanish grand prix with nick owen. Lewis is a test. Ripe food peretti's tara test and so they've run this test after grand prix drivers in black helmets so although they claim there there was no reasons. Keepdriving secret so big political thing they got were cleared of a major rules breach. There was an f. i. Hearing and they agree to not run a young driver test but the belief was that this tested had allowed mercedes to better understand the huge tide degradation problems that had because it had races where the car was quick but couldn't tires and was mashing the tires hungary was nicer pricey lewis on pole position as such but you. It was no way in the heat of hungary. That car is going. Be able to look after its tires and manage it and this was the day it turned is the day he he did it. He nailed it key. Was that that move on. Jenson button after pitstops which got in through so that was the the arrival there was not only the lewis win for mercedes but confirmation about this kind of the background that secret tests and he just sense that the momentum is covering this team was becoming a major force and wise that made the list once the in at number ten john zarrella very well. They looked after the ties when even he didn't expect her thing after giving his comments to qualifying he now the that the overtakes on on panama web when he needed to and also like to look at what. What their teammate seducing when. I'm doing these races. And eka rosberg was battling for ninth. When he's engine let go and his best and that was almost harvesting slow than hamilton so especially given the context actually there had some great races. Were quite close. In subsequent years dasa thrashing really so just an error-free looked off the tires over to when you had to thrash teammate. And of course it was a supposedly of autistic license because it is a bit of a milestone. you know he's i he's first mercedes win. Let's come and number nine. Which of the two thousand twelve. Us grand prix at austin. That's someone one hundred ninety. Three one racist twenty-first victory john. You can take your memories of being there. I was thinking. This is the race where ferrari triggered the great penalty from moscow lonzo onto the clean side of the greater. The austin. Now this was this was get first austin's first year so great mega venue and everyone was raising the venue and austin's an amazing city so at forms automatically love with the new home of the american grand prix but the track as we saw in turkey last year. The new track had absolutely zero grip was driving on ice. Put the onus on starting on the clean side of the grid say much say that when fernando alonzo locked in the title at that time and was managed to qualify behind fleet paymaster but on the dirty side of the grid ferrari basically made mass official lemon deliberately open his gearbox penalty to move onto the clean side so a remarkable remarkable moment really indeed in worth thinking about in the context of the rumors that mercedes that done similar. Things voucher brought us. They said they didn't change. Chat change engine because the one that put in it was a big problem with it but kevin is the two thousand twelve. Us go pre illness number nine so sums up one of those rivalries. We talk about the one. We've vetted where normally had the advantage. Because john kerry had an agent new he read and it one of those. Those races opportunistic really. He chased you know once he got up to second and got up behind veteran. There was quite a long period homers behind him. He's not. There's not really a chance. Discovery gordon covered. Yeah he was hanging on in a car that was as quick as the red bull. Not not sure. It was at times during that season. Certainly and then of course veteran just caught nourian kinds. hr not were those. They very slow through. That twisty turned three to seven section. And she's great bear trap but you can't take it just brought hamilton into range and he grabbed the lead so he had one opportunity to win that race and he took it and i think it was a it was one of his sniper winds mclaren poorly produced those amazing stetson hats through the podium podium finishes to wear and we're gonna come onto the number eight now which is the two thousand eleven german grand prix at the nurburgring. That's how much is eight hundred. I i'm going to one race is sixteenth win and kill him is gonna read a line from your your copy here because one of my favorite words in it so this was another swashbuckling races performance. The help time with them. Pete.

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