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Justified written by Tom Lawlor jot down the titling and find out an Amazon dot com. Fall season is here. Enjoy the shorter days and cooler temps with a good. Read revenge is justified by Michigan author Tom Lawlor, eight seven seven forty four. Mitch. HR phone numbers. Got a full Bank at calls here for mayor Duggan. Norm, you're on the Mitch Albom program. Digging with Doug and go ahead norm, high mayor Duggan, thanks for taking the call. And thank you for everything that you've done I've been going down to the city more and more frequently, and it's really impressive to see the way things have grown is a single person. I'm actually considering living down. There was down by third man. Records over the weekend with friends and Little Caesars arena, everything right? But as a father as a parent, the one thing that seems to be a roadblock probably to help grow the city and bring families in the school system. And I'm just wondering what the plan is to sue salsa that how long something like that would take. And if you do it piecemeal, but I believe you're from lavonia some kids thinking like, okay, if I had a son I would want it was gonna go to the school system there. I'd want him to be safe, right? I want him to get the same kind of education that maybe he'd get. Public schools or another suburb. And I'm just wondering how we get there. Yeah. Well, in in in this state, the mayor is not in charge of the school system. So we have an elected school board. They've hired. Dr Who I think is doing outstanding job and we're seeing significant performance improvements. And I'm supporting a number ways we talked earlier about the support we're giving them for the career technical centers. And the other thing that we just started this fall, which is going to be fascinating to see how it works is in northwest, Detroit. We began running a bus loop. We call the goal line. And we took ten schools six PS schools at four charter schools in northwest, Detroit. And we said to parents if you're not happy with the.

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