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Female genital mutilation or fgm is illegal in most countries around the world but his still carried out on young girls and women in many parts of africa and the midleeast the practice is banned in kenya but now a female doctrine the country has brought a court case in order to make fgm legal again james cottle who spent a decade reporting from africa told me more about it so this took to touch who komo has brought the case from her basic argument is that adult women and his point tonight we're not talking about girls or and went under the age of consent as it were of an adult women should be allowed to do whatever they want with at bowties that's uh fgm the she rejects that term but this practice is part of a traditional practice done in kenya and if an adult woman should woman to have that dumped her than she should be allowed to do so she says the men get circumcise so why not woman it's part of our culture and we should be allowed to do that and she says that many women have been doing it not girls but women in recent years and there's been a rush of people getting arrested she says is not fair that women should be allowed to choose what to do with their bodies and what's been reaction to this well some people of supporters are particularly men i think in in in kenya it probably fair to say pointing to that cultural heritage sort of argument others particularly women and campaigners against fgm of being a pool that will also debate as you the mansion i spoke to one prominent campaign against fgm from the assembly go foundation she's coot judgment claire for her reaction thank it's ridiculous.

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