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Update at the johnson bank sports desk here's doug gene the pirates did some damage on their way out of town on a drive to laugh this is big trouble and it has gone for jordy mercer anderson of the fastball up in an mercer turned it around and knocked it out of here not much goes well for the brewers in their nine and nothing lost to the pirates sandra craig counsel is blunt in his assessment of the game there's not much good to report about six game we didn't do much right it's the seventh shut out of the year for the crew after they had just ate all of last season the club has a number of players struggling at the plate we're just not getting production on the bottom line up it's been you know the catcher spot and then largely second base and shortstop and we've got a bunch of players struggling and they'll spots saggy lar is the only player on the team had seen above three hundred at miller park map paulie wtmj sport brewers are off today tomorrow they'll begin a quick two games against the andeans wade miley will start the series opener last night the cubs and cardinals took fourteen innings to settle things it is ballard swings and hits a drive right field it is back to the wall and it is over the long run to run game winning over x radio on the call the cardinals complete their sweep over the cubs four to three the final score last night also in the division the reds lose again this time the miami marlins eight to five the final the packers have wrapped up their rookie orientation in green bay a big couple of days for the coaching staff but especially for the players looking to make a good impression on head coach mike mccarthy every man that stuff's on the field today as an opportunity to be a part of our you know ninety man roster and that's the way we approach it and coach them all the same draft picks will probably be first in line we clearly understand that but this is a very important today's ot as our next for the team starting on may twenty first about a week and a.

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