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Security adviser John Bolton met with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend to discuss how the US plans to get out in a way that makes sure that ISIS is defeated and is not able to. Revive itself. Meaning the creation of enough local security to prevent ISIS from ever staging a comeback as the president himself. Put it won't be finally pulled out. That's a completely different from eighteen days ago when he declared victory on Twitter. So our boys are young women are men they're all coming back and they're coming back. Now that decision triggered the resignation of his Defense Secretary James Mattis said at the president's snap decision to abandon allies on the field of battle fighting continues of US back forces close in on the last ISIS stronghold capturing at least one American in the process Warren, Christopher Clark, a Houston resident according to this letter. He sent ISIS. He offered to teach English in the Islamic state. Instead he was apparently thrown into the frontlines. Clark is now one of more than seven hundred foreign fighters captured and held by US-backed forces in Syria, if the US were to pull out abruptly all those fighters would almost certainly be released and be able to return to the battle. Jeff David Martin at the Pentagon, David. Thank you. In one of his last acts as governor of Tennessee Bill has lem today granted clemency to sin Toya Brown and commuted her life sentence for murdering a man when she was sixteen. Mark Strauss reports. Her case sparked intense debate over harsh sentences for minors sin. Toya brown. Kill Johnny Allen inside his house in two thousand four hours after the forty three year old real estate agent bought her off the street for one hundred fifty dollars. Brown was sixteen a victim of human trafficking by a pimp named cutthroat. She claimed self defense that Allen was reaching for his gun. I just grabbed again in our Saddam. But prosecutors convinced a jury her real motive was robbery Brown got life behind bars and eventually support from celebrities like riana, snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian west demanding her release. Last summer. She pleaded before the state's parole board. No, it's.

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