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The industry but also connecting the industry to the community from the beginning of her career preston was recognized as a business trailblazer but she did not see herself is part of the women's liberation movement of the time in an interview from 1974 preston refused to believe women were limited by glass ceilings or closed executive doors i have not found that a door has been closed to me because i was a woman and i started at long before a lot of other people decided it doors were closed to them i think being a woman i got the door open but if i had not been a business person and had not know what i was doing kept the door open over her career pressed had would help turn royalty collection giant bmi it one of nashville's biggest employers she herself was inducted into the hall in 1992 and died a decade later walker went on to lead the country music association nearly thirty years later known as joe walker met her she is dabbash the amazed longrunning award show in help build the cma fest she passed away the summer at the age of ninety three on that opening night telecast nineteen sixty seven walker made what would turn out to be a modest prediction we expect thousands of people to come through the museum each year and one of the great last year at its current downtown location nearly one point two million people walk through the doors france's preston and joe walker met her helped open fifty years ago.

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