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A number of years ago Christian and I went with another friend a couple of friends to Sciolino to Mexico one night. There's a beautiful full moon and there was all this incredible phosphorescent wipe out spirit just struck us and we took off our clothes. Listen we all ran out to go skinny dipping. We're all swimming naked in the water in the moonlight he was my memory of it was just magical. Water was lapping against my body. And my memory was looking over at you guys and seeing how much you're enjoying so happy. Meanwhile I was scared that the current was gonna take me away. It was strong current current so I was digging my feet so deeply into this very rocky pebble sand and I think I was also a little embarrassed that I was skinny dipping in my brother and my friend and I looked over. You guys were having the time of your life frolicking and I remember coming back and you're like Oh my God. That was invigorating reading and you were sort of limping up. And you're like he had his feet hurt. You know why does like my feet and listening to light on my feet and they were like profusely leading rubbing a Brillo pad on them a fun time to be a dream life. Good being You're listening to the life is short. I'm your host Justin. Long dreamed sweetheart did with me as always is my now clothed brother Christian thankfully clothed And your feet have healed field. They have I regret being scared of the current. It's running scared in general. I know well not to blame it all on her parents but it's not their fault. It is their fault but it's not their fault. I'm old enough that I should have gone over fears like that. Because you're also afraid of other things in the ocean right like you're afraid to go surfing Can Be can be moments. Not Afraid of sharks really. I'm not I'm afraid of like not being able to do it and and Getting in surfing. There's all this it's getting to know all that. Yeah Yeah all these rules you cut off. There's some of the first time I went my friend John Conway. He took me out to Malibu where it's competitive it's competitive and the waves are really good. And he's now you gotta decide. Yes I go into it like trial by fire as a great impression of John. I hope he's not listen if he is John. I know that's an impression you But yeah clip to surf surfers. When I I went out and a surfer's they were so nice until this incident and then I thought they were GonNa beat me up in the water I got genuinely nervous? They got really aggressive of. Ns Rome afraid of. I know but the Nice thing about that. I don't have enough confidence in myself to like I've just I'd somehow did it but the nice thing about cellulite. Is that the waves. There are a lot of beginners there because the good surfers don't likes the weights aren't big enough but it's a great place to learn. Yeah remember. I don't like that that kind of stuff. I don't like sports like skiing. I don't like I like ball sports. I do things I can. I like balls like hand eye balls. You know what I mean you know. I like basketball. I like baseball. Here's like Ping Pong a lot. Yeah that's I like those things too but the thing that I don't believe sports balls but the thing that I think you're not giving surfing credit for and you won't know this until you actually do. I've heard that anyone who serves says like the most amazing thing that they've ever done in their lives and I believe them. It's just it's like I've heard that about skydiving too. I have no desire as soon. This is all in cellular. As soon as I got caught my first wave and like stood up and stood up for a second second on the board. But I all I remember. You took two. I quit pretty quick but then all of the cliches that you hear from surfers just come pouring out of your mouth like doc. I think I started talking like you feel at one with the hidden. It was more like I felt like I was connected to Earth and like I was part of the rhythms of Mother Nature. And like it makes you feel so was just the best feeling that felt like flying but I was going to say. It's the some one of my favorite parts of the I think maybe my favorite element of surfing is like sitting just sitting out in the past the breakers just waiting for a wave to come just sitting in the water. I like sitting on a board in the water. I like sitting on a Kayak in the water. You would like it. You would like that very meditative and then like put it. You're saying it's the yeah -ticipant wave coming. It's sitting there. It is also just sitting there. It's both like fishing. It's like exactly you like the sitting in the waiting but it's also the anticipate. Oh Fish Rush. Yeah sure that beds comes into play but I think more important than that is the sitting in the waiting. I think that it's more of it. I mean. Of course it's more important much more time more of it to. That's when I felt that's when I had those moments of maybe not a rush but like you get when you're catching away but certainly a sense of calm type of calm. That just being submerged in the ocean in the quiet ocean of submerged but then the shark swimming around hoof. Why are we talking about fear of the water? Well we're talking about that trip because another friend of ours one of our fellow skinny dippers fact that's right what is our guest today Her name is Janie. Goodwin Jennifer and Janine I have worked together since we were both little little tots little actor. Let's Oh boy. Oh boy you met doing the show Ed yes it was a show on. NBC about a Bowling Alley Lawyer It lasted four seasons but not many people. People watched it though. It had a very loyal following so janine. I did that show for a couple years and then years later we made a movie called. He's just not that into you Where we played a couple we have similar amick that we do in on the TV show? We did And we eventually spoiler alert get together in the so. We played kind of a couple and I play a character who was always giving her love advice. She's doesn't know how to navigate these relationship waters. So that's how we know each other and That's why we ended ended up in Cya leader together on that trip we were crashing. You talk about this and we were crashing crushing One of her friends was getting married. Married forget all the way to remember the bloody feet I got a shelter. Space craft was wearing first attempt. I growing facial hair. I've never been more unattractive. I think was in Mexico. Well you were also execute me was also you have you know you're sweating more than I would say the enormous and And your beer didn't help the sweating and you just just eating shellfish and you realize you were. Sometimes they got a rash Ashwan. I eat from a selfish and he was funny about that that night. And you're talking about you. Were wearing a shirt that said Mr Messy and it was there. Were these these characters that were like Mr Clean Mr needs and Mr Angry and all these different adjectives The characters I don't if people remember this or from describing right but years was Mr Mum was just like a messy little character on your shirt and you looked so unkempt and Farrell and you had this blotchy like shellfish Cheryl. Yeah that's kind of a nice way and that night there was this woman from the wedding party who not not slightly older woman who took a real shine to. You liked me a lot. Yeah like a lot and Christian but she liked me so much. I was a single man boy and you did not like but I didn't really like I was just intimidated. Because she was very aggressive with me she was all kind of get grab you with me and she was come on. Let's go like and you wanted to give you a alone. I've never been shaming. You very mean to. You should come up to Michigan. Your brothers are real pussy. Yeah that wouldn't make out the. That's how I ended up taking away from this party because I didn't know how to say not. I see her looking for you and your escape from his party. I escaped it from her clutches and cut to like an hour and a half two hours later in the night. We were driving one of those little carts who's very interesting so there weren't street lights and stuff so everything was very illuminated just by our car's headlights and as we approach we saw these two the people we saw a woman standing up we were like in the jungle. Yeah so woman standing up Clothed but with her dress kind of lifted up a little bit and then the closer. We got more clear became. We saw a an anonymous man on his knees underneath her yet. Ed doing stuff and could it sure is odd and happened so it wasn't that long before she. I was looking for you and you know had really and you were just not that Inter segue into you or she So Jimi Goodwin is our guest today and if you don't know her if you haven't seen ed or he's just something she's a lot she's been a lot of things she's been in love of wildcard. Walk the line the line. Walk Harder Taylor line issues in Zootopia Topi a- As everyone everyone remembers win a date with Tad Hamilton gene. Were really great friends. We still are but we haven't seen each other and so I should say she's on a show on on. CBS All access called why women kill so. Check that out and stick around for Justin catching up because of twenty years ears because I am just that into God and she is my exception and all the lines from that movie my friend. My Pal My old colleague.

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