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Have that and more as we continue this is lines radio Woodstock ten fifty W. T. K. a ticket five dollars and Chris Paul autumn in northern Michigan is more than savory harvest menus and scenic wonders to more than the perfect drive on the golf course or finding peace of mind insiders shared around the one on it's having all of your fingertips you won't believe it if you haven't seen it get up and go at grand traverse resort dot com exciting things are happening at Brighton for hi I'm John cuter our goal is to help everyone afford a new Brighton for rain forest put together the best deals and excellent finance options the Ford F. one fifty is only one forty four a month the Ford escape is now only one seventy nine a month breaking for dot com to find similar savings on all Ford models come and experience the Brighton for difference today see dealer for details start your day with the Michigan insider with salmon IRA weekdays from six to ten AM exclusively on sports talk ten fifty W. DJ a ticket are you a blind parent or interested in becoming a parent some day the national federation of the blind knows that blind people are capable loving parents we are here to provide support education mentors and other resources to help you be the best parent you can be we know blindness need not hold you back get involved share your stories mentor others will get support visit us at blind parents dot org to learn more national federation of the blind live the life you want to date a new creature walks among us because here ma'am and injury look out for the dreaded digital dead walkers with faces pressed against their little hand held devices they put all good citizens in harm's way Hey dude I'm walking here sorry I didn't see it public service message from the American academy of orthopaedic surgeons who want to keep everyone well connected with healthy bones ram run of the game brought to you by Dick bars Richmond Chrysler Dodge jeep ram that takes thirty gives the road to try to get outside let the thirty seven yard line your body Republican up the shop jobs it out that's a fourteen yard get a first down why is beat the New York football giants thirty one twenty six the final here at a wrapped up for field with the when the lions go to three three and one with that loss the giants will fall two two and six the new Yorkers not happy not happy at all you know I think everybody knew that this was going to be a down here that that the giants are are building and it's going to take some time you know what I I worry about and I can't take credit for this our mutual friend Scott Bischoff brought this to my attention he said.

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