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Pizza. Jacques all right. Welcome to pop punk and pizza. I'm of course. Jacques l'amour your host so excited to have you here for this episode. Now we are Or i should say. I'm pleased to welcome eric. Dalton matt and brandon of email emo alternative rock band I believe it's. I forgot to actually ask them this before we went live. But i believe it's the mangoes and i could have completely butchered that just now but we'll get to that in a minute. So the the magas was from scranton. Pennsylvania to the podcast let's Bring him on welcome guys. So did i say it wrong. Is it magas magas. Magas pulse was having so much worse. Yeah i was gonna say. I was like i 'cause i i was on the phone with your manager one day and he was telling the name to me and this has been a while back now so i can't remember exactly how eric pronounced it but i knew it was something along those lines and i did watch the acoustic session that you guys put out not too long ago to and you know I know like eric right. In the beginning he said the name of the band. And i'm like i should know how to pronounce it by back so But before we get into the thick of things Let's go around and everyone introduce themselves just so everyone kind of knows what you sound like google. Eric you can go first all right. I'm eric miller. I sing for the magas. I am grayson. I from my name's matt jenkins and i play the guitar the nine dalton risking your and tar as well awesome and we have almost everyone here. Who are we missing. Luke says it's always the bass player darn bass player's man. I'm just getting i. I know this is like a scooper stereotypical question. But i'm honestly very curious to know where the mogg was where that name comes from. Because i was doing some some googling before we went on. And i found a couple different things attached to that name. So i'm i'm curious to know like if it comes from any of those things i found online i could. I could take this one away. The short answer is it comes from the last of the mohicans. The movie okay. After the antagonise nagua so the long version of the is when we start the magas. I texted seven. People in everyone said yes on one of those people who is not currently in the band but can't do a couple of practices friend. tommy you can't comes from a gigantic family. And all of his uncle's go around when they were kids and they would call themselves..

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