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Had this great job. i love it. I'm so lucky that. How do you keep it fun in fresh and so that's why we're going about it. You know and dream girl in particular. I like her. i don't read it enough in. i have not read it widely. I do watch a lot of horror films. And i watched them by myself for the most part because the other people in my household do not let her so. It's interesting watch harm. I went south and with jim girl in particular. I had just missed the end of two thousand eighteen in. I just finished watching a quiet place. And i was thinking not for the first time about helmets. Har- loves to deal with the idea of isolation it's usually very literal is apply solution. People are out in the country telecommunications or down they can't get to anyone no one knows where they are. They're off the grid. But i had this hunch that you could achieve the same thing in a congested urban senate and i always wanted to try it and after watching a quiet place in thinking about. I was like yeah. I'm ready to write a novel. Where someone's inner city can see people all the telecommunications work yet this person is still some very trapped in isolated i had a hunch can is at the end of two thousand eighteen. That people were more isolated than they really knew that. We had a lot of buzz in clutter. That made her lives seem busy full. That stuff could easily follow away in find out how many true friends we actually had when push came to shop and then of course what you couldn't have noticed lockdowns. We're going to start happening. I am not rushing On the opposite. I mean i would look back through history in so you can make money betting against my instincts on almost anything. Let's talk about your protagonist. Gerry anderson that you raised the specter of philip. Roth jerry under said is clearly. Wanna be late middle aged. Why big beasts of american literature right. Yeah tell us something about him. Well okay so it's important to remember that. Jerry is not of ross generation that he thinks he should be jerry. Anderson is sixty something novelist One really big success in other successes but one book in particular has allowed him to live. The life of the mind live very well. He identifies with raw bellow updike that generation. He feels like he has that level of gravitas. He is someone who secretly keeps waiting for the phone to rain in the middle of the night to be told that he's won the nobel prize. Mean he really does have that level of confidence made even arrogance about his work in some things. Jerry is a very interesting actual alter ego for me because we he's horrible is terrible. Cnn did that out of the way right up front. But i agree with a lot of things about writing in creation. I like the fact. That jerry doesn't better is research does just enough. I like that. He belongs to what call team imagination where he thinks you should just get to make stuff up and his somewhat tired of questions about the are biographical aspects of his work. I had a lot of different writers on my mind when i was creating jerry but woman in my office note. Limping comical insanely space to me. I'm also not entirely. There's a lot of mehan. Jerry i just think i'm i think i'm her social being tapped. I'm so when you actually run out the pandemic pretty well because they did have friendships. That i could pursue the attacks in dm in facebook pages. I never felt lonely. Not really because he's a stay at home writer. I put years in making sure that. I had these communities to keep me company when i was home alone writing. Show yet jerry. Juries a snob. His hair much snob but he is wolraad. He is smart is good at what he does in Comes to women. He's an absolute hig. He doesn't have a clue. You really doesn't feel like jerry were sitting next to me. He gas mcgauchie. Say that about me. Because jerry is that most person of awe in that's the person who is very vested in believing that they're good which i think is one of the most dangerous concepts that anybody can have about themselves. You mentioned the idea of novelist. Spain you always asked about autobiographical elements in that were jerry's. His first book was based on his. Rather unpleasant. Oprah again yeah. He's had trouble times in his past and he loosely based on that and so of course. This is something everybody asked him. But he's got this book we really don't give much away about what happens in the story. Because people need to experiments out for themselves but dream girl is also the title of the book that may jerry a massive success and so one of the themes in the book is in this book. Go his book. Go is is is the idea of taking someone else's story to use novelist using other people's stories as thoughtful work and this smitten. I it's viewed the great chris power a few weeks ago about his brilliant book. A lovely man which has a similar theme and privately luckily just for this you now lower just a couple of weeks ago with the news the other thorough around the cat person story again about you. Know the fact that ted's out that spot possibly have been based on aspects of somebody's real lives at so. Let's talk about you use of this team in the book about the idea of taking somebody else's life as material your novel. This is something i really struggle with. Lady in the late was full up. Letta meditation on whether i can defend what i do when i take a real crime story and turn it into a novel and i'm not sure it's defensible. But i'm also not sure is indefensible. Ellison caesar beside the point. I understand what people value their own stories in believe that their stories belong to them on one of the reasons that that's a legitimate way to feel is because there are times when the motion picture business comes calling in will pay people for the rights to their real life story. You know michael lewis the writer american writer who written so many amazing books you know. He's made a lot of people. Famous in those people got to sell their stories. Make money too. So yeah. Your story has value. Maybe has to be pretty extraordinary. Value in the next part is but are you harmed by someone else deciding to tell your story again survived while yes it now. I think i have damaged in friendships because people have read my books instead what she stole my life and i don't think i've done that with a friend except like little teeny tiny stories. That are kind of funny like a story about a friend who on a road trip bought some desired snack at a roadside gas station. When it turned out not to be the delicious thing that she wanted she and her sister tried to flush out mujtaba toilet with disastrous results. Like y'all still stuff. Like i'm a little mad i i'll grab stuff like that but it is a really difficult argument because then we also have to get into. Okay well. i think that.

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