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What's the What's the problem? Don't you know is he's Joe Biden. He can plagiarize anything He wants to plagiarize and nobody's going to call him on it because you know, Democrats and media And I repeat myself. That's the That's the problem. So another plagiarism scandal for Joe Biden going backto 1987 in politics when he was running it now? And now in 2020 old habits, die hard old Joe Biden. Poor, poor fellow. Love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear and light is more powerful than dark. I I might say darkness. Maybe I might, but you know, but that's Joe Biden and then you find this Canadian On the Canadian Jack Layton is his name had words that were eerily and remarkably similar to what Joe Biden uttered in his big speech. And even Canada is like, Hey, come on, give us their speech back, right? All right, But that's okay because he's Joe Biden and the news media simply won't cover it. They just won't talk about the job. Biden plagiarism because They're corrupt her on his side, and they're not going to tell the truth there. Just going Because Joe Biden he's got a higher I Q than you and Ah Joe Biden. It's all right. All right. Listen, lots of lots of good stuff to get to, including the boat. Joe Biden, Joe Biden this and Joe Biden. Let's actually let's get some backup from Joe Biden Audio from the Big David Muir Robin Roberts interview. Where did we leave off Michael? It was We were at we had used 22. All right, Let's go, Tio. Let's go there, and Robin Roberts and Joe Biden did you feel pressure to choose a black woman as you? These are the hard hitting because they said, they explained upfront. That there were no holds barred, and they could ask the hard questions. They want tough questions. Mr Vice President. You made it clear early on that you were going to select a woman to be your running, mate. You select a woman of color. Did you do that to rally your base? Did you feel pressure? To select a black woman. No, I didn't feel pressure selective black woman, But what I do think is that the government should look like people. What do the people look like? The government should look like the people. So that's why you have a septic Jin Eri in white guy as the Democrat frontman for those traveling road show. Is that what I'm supposed to understand supposed to look like the people because it's the The people here is from MSNBC, Shauna Thomas, talking about this very same subject, as a matter of fact, is them ways her selection is a result of black women and black people exerting the political power that they have in this country. Now, you know, I looked back at the Washington Post opinion piece from seven black women who basically were like Joe Biden has these black woman and that was, I think, written back in May, but In some ways, and maybe I shouldn't say this, but in some ways, go bite and got boxed in. He got boxed in by history. He got boxed in by historical choice. He got boxed in by people saying, Hey, by the way, we're here. We've got some power and we have a couple of demands. Power and demands you see, and the power and the women. They're burning our cities and attacking and injuring hundreds and hundreds of police and sacking and looting and the arson and the smashed windows. You know the Democrat Party whole thing there. And she's saying no was made quite clear by the Democrat Party. You will choose a black woman and you know the hedge a little because she's both Indian and black, Jamaican and Indian. And But that's okay David Mirror because no questions were out of bounds and because there were no holds barred Hey, did go in, and he said there were these debate moments. He didn't pursue it. Of course, where you called Joe Biden are racist or seem to suggest that he's a racist. You're one of those little girls with the busting and he opposed integration. And he's a racist and all this time, but then they never really go anywhere with it. You remember that moment, Senator Harris here on stage talking about being a little girl who was being bust and you sort of The vice president's words about working with segregationist senators that they were hurtful and personal. I think the American people want to know that these aren't debate moments. These aren't political points that when you say they were hurtful and personal, you mean that. And so I'm curious what the vice president has said to you. Since then, that made you think, Okay, I'm okay with it so I can join this ticket. You know what? Okay, I'm okay with this. I can join this ticket. That was the That was the pressing question. Not here's the video of you saying these really nasty things about Joe Biden being racist. It's just a T up. To slap down. That's the whole point. Right? And doubtless they had seen comma Law on Stephen Colbert, which was an extension last week on CBS. Late Night, an in Kind contribution. To the Democrat Party. Stephen Colbert had all of the cast of characters from the Democratic National Convention on his show. After they were on at the and Camelot went on Stephen Colbert and he asked her kind of the same question. In those debates. You landed haymakers. Joe Biden. And now you guys seem to be pals. It was a debate. Not anybody landed punches like you mean it literally. It wasn't debate debate. She's on drugs. She is on very serious drug. She's got a lot of drugs. Nobody cackles like that. Honestly, it's boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Hey, listen as we're all kind of adapting to the brave new world in which we now live We still.

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