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To make sure you don't miss conversations like this one so you have one of the rookies that i feel like people are most excited to see on your team in kyle pits. I just think that he sort of in a tough spot because the expectations for this guy are incredible. I think i saw the over under on yards for him is eight hundred on the season. Which is something only four other tight ends in the history of football have ever done and only one in the last thirty years. I think that was jeremy shockey. What is your advice to kyle pits when everybody just expects him to come in and dominate from day. One it's it's it's become harder than ever to Eliminate the noise. It's just constantly there every everybody look and so you know the the thing you tell them. All the time is is the opinions that matter the people you need to listen to the people in the building. The guys at work with every day. The gosh you're in the hunt west and my expectation is simple for him. You know improve every week. Be a better player. You know like. I mentioned talking about myself my rookie year. Being better player at the end of the year. Then you were at the beginning and I think if he keeps his mind set on that And just tries to find little ways to get better as the year goes on That's a success for him. I'm i'm rooting for him. But i just think that. Like i can't imagine a tight end coming in having seven hundred yards or six hundred yards and people being like. Oh you kinda disappointed. Like i've heard people say the tight end other than quarterback is the toughest transition to make from college to the pros. I wouldn't disagree with that. I think you know you're asked to do so much. You know you have to learn the run game inside out. You've got to learn the different combination calls. All of the different things they have to do in the run game. You have to learn and you have to be willing and physical In what we're asking them to do to to get our run game going and at the same time we're asking you to learn everything that's wide receivers are learning as well and to do that and so you know it's it's a lot. I think you know advice. That i've given him just trying to keep things simple right in and focus on on gross everyday focused on improvement every day. And just keep it really. Keep your focus really narrow And just hammer away at those things and eventually all that stuff is gonna come together. So we're going to have to wait another week now to see you and kyle and obviously everybody. You've got a week off now because there are only three preseason games. What are you doing with yourself. They got us practicing. Don't you worry about that. They wednesday thursday will be going hard. But it'll be a good you know it'll be a good chance for us to get some rest and recover after training camp And get ready to go. Get mentally ready to go for for seventeen weeks or eighteen weeks in seventeen games. Yeah you know then hopefully some football beyond that as well one more question. I wanted to ask you actually about kyle pits. I forgot to to slip this in the second he gets drafted. Do you techs tony gonzales. And be like hey. Can you help our guy out here. One hundred percent. But it wasn't the second after. I put them out. We had a little group tax You know after. I met with college for the first time got throws say man a guy might be good for you and so Yeah those guys were able to connect. Oh so that they've they've they've touched base. That's that's music to falcons fans ears. Yeah you gotta use all your resources so. I'm sure kyle's going to come in now. Play like fifteen years you know. Never miss a game revolutionized position right. It's all set in stone. Well i've told kyle. He's byproduct of tony tony. You mentioned revolutionized the position. We've got players. You know were skill sets like kyle and a bunch of different guys across lee because you know tony forge that passed and You know i feel really fortunate To to kind of have played with guys like that you know be young in my career. Play with one of the trail blazers of that position. And then you know to have guy drafted high later in my career and see what he's capable of it's been it's been really cool. Spectrum you can hear the rest of this conversation by subscribing to the sp nation nfl. Show wherever you get your podcasts..

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