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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Well, we have another winter storm on its way to Colorado for the next couple of days today and tomorrow, this will be harshly. Limited to the high country and then tomorrow night, it's divvy rain in Denver too, warm for any snow through Wednesday morning. So if the Wednesday morning competes is going to be wet roadways with rain and then snow Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night right now, the potentials there for at least four to eight inches of snow in metro Denver hice amounts east of I twenty five and on the eastern plains blizzard conditions possible from CBS four I'm Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM mostly cloudy skies, thirty six degrees. And as we just heard from Ashton, the next two days are the pick of the litter for weather this week. A winter storm watch goes into effect late tomorrow. We're looking at rain changing to snow come Wednesday morning. And that's no she continued through the day and probably taper off Wednesday night Meyer. With the national weather service says there could be blizzard conditions east of Denver in the high country. The heavy snows at March have claimed lives on mountain slopes and now in the middle of downtown crested Butte. Three people have been killed in recent days. Trying to shovel snow from their roofs Steve banks with the avalanche center believes part of the problem is that people. They're clear their roofs regularly. If you leave it sitting on your roof for too long. You're you're gonna have leaked you're gonna have problems. So people are doing their diligent trying to clear their roofs. They're not realizing that it's different this year. And with this storm that it is normally he's warning residents to be especially careful if they have to shovel their roofs and says next week brings some dry conditions. Connor schrief KOA NewsRadio who died in crested Butte over the weekend fell from the roof. And then was buried by the snow that came down after him.

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