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Do we do with these restaurants? Open up. Come on. She's one. Restoration up, Open up, Open up. What do we do with those front doors to get in there? Huh? Good. Good. Good Push! Push! Hi. Oh, my God didn't end Well alright, relies on K. If I'm or now with Debra Mark Introducing has rolled back the regional state home orders, Newsome says projection showed increasing ICU bed availability throughout the state We are anticipating declined still more decline in hospitalizations and more declines in ICUs, and that's why we're lifting that stay at home order. The removal of the regional order restores the color tiered county system in all of Southern California is in the most restrictive purple tear. But the order does allow for the reopening of outdoor dining and services. Such a salons and as you heard him. Say Steve Gregory will be on after the news with much more on this on this, the South Los Angeles right now people are not safe enough. City attorney Mike Viewer has filed a nuisance lawsuit against the owners of an apartment building in south L. A. That has been the epicenter of gun violence in a neighborhood where no one should have to live. This way. You were says there were two murders that the complex last month on two separate nights and he says, that's just part of what goes on there. The owners were placed on notice of problems at this property ah, year ago. He says the owners did not take action. The lawsuit asks for change is that the property that include license security and video monitoring President Biden has signed an executive order reversing the military's transgender ban doing qualified American conservative country in uniform, he says America is stronger at home and around the world where it is or when it is inclusive. The order signed during a meeting with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin overturns a band ordered by former president Trump and a tiger never changes it. Stripes, And apparently, it doesn't stop asking for a pardon, either. Since Tiger King Joe Exotic didn't get a pardon from former President Trump. He's hoping to get one from President Biden. The Tiger King, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado. Passage was convicted for his role in the murder for hire plot that targeted his big cat Zoo rival, Carole Baskin, from the Netflix series, Tiger King. TMZ gotta hold the emails where Joe Exotic says he believes the Biden Harris administration can help reform the criminal justice system. The Tiger King says he believed in President Trump until January 6th following the riot at the Capitol, Jennifer Jones, Li Ke, If I news, we have a stall on the 7 10 in Long Beach north.

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