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You're right. I think more about that because it even speaks to like in healthcare the fact that they don't believe us when we're like I'm in pain, you know and it's like. I because even if we wanted to say okay, they don't have black people around okay. Yeah, but they have numbers. These are people that live in numbers right so even the numbers don't lie. So why would you think I'm lying so then? I'm like it's literally. It's just a cognitive dissonance of like. You may be right, and these numbers may be right, but I just don't believe you. I don't believe that then. We're that much magic that they just don't believe us. They're like you can come back when you're actually successful and then maybe I'll give you money. At an agent at an agency town the when I started when I moved to La to stand up, we're not gonNA. We're not gonNA cover you in the standup department. So until you start doing, stand up in La. You're doing. Stand up in L. A. and you get you get going then we'll come back to us. What are you? That's like that's like a publicist. Right telling you yeah there. They don't want Yet. Not yet. It's like what we'll do. When are we GONNA? Push? It sounds like the need. Of a very slave minded that process that says you do the work. Then, come back and our research benefits. I didn't think of it like that. I didn't think of it like that I think when you say when black women are only seven percent of the population that number to them is not a big number, so it feels small, and so they put us in this box of your small, but it's like. We by forty percent of baby food, and we're seven percent of the population and K. Like, that's crazy. That's crazy. Also. Why are we buying so much? What does that to don't know I? Don't know and I don't know. I get a lot of a lot of my friends. Are Having these babies. He's babies girl having these babies I here and. I'm. I think the biggest thing that's been dope for me to experience a witness with them is. Just their honesty about the process and about the experience, and then, and then at going what you've been saying just that when it comes to not even just black mother, but motherhood in general that they felt like the near the the narrative of. Actual information that you need. Is massed more so by simply justice like fantasy, experience of pregnancy and motherhood, and so like when you need to know like real things you know like yeah okay. If I'm lactating. How do I make the Stop Hurting? Lake they had I've had at least three of my friends like so no one told me that this. Like? No one told me about the the best. The breast is going to hurt. No one's on. Yeah, yeah, I mean. That's why. I only breastfed for three months. I couldn't do it I was like. A forty percent of the baby for. ME. Baby powder. But all the dismantling of like the baby powder versus the breast in like this tough right that we are already feeling like the weight of the world on our shoulders. Let's pile some more stuff on there and say you're not good enough, and your is not going to be smart and. Because you with your teddy, so it's going to be done, and that's just. Mom. Your phone. Every! It's all your fault right so. Exactly..

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